Tuesday Shopping: Frys and CVS

>> April 21, 2010

I ran out to frys last night to correct an order my husband did the night before... I had him pick up a few groceries including the $1.88 12 packs of Big K and also included 10 of the digital items for the free movie ticket code... (no picture from Sunday night)

He bought
4 skippy PB $1.79 - $0.50 MQ= $0.79 each (plus received (2) $1.00 OYNO Qs, net cost $0.29 each)
1 Snuggle= $2.99- $3 MQ= $0.01 overage
4 Whiskas Cat Treats $1.49 - $1 MQ= $0.49 each
(he actually grabbed a 5th one to make it 10 items, but the last one was an all natural one that didn't count)..
1 Whiskas all natural $2.19- $1 mQ= $1.19

So I had to go back.. and was just going to exchange the one cat treat for another.. and get the difference back in cost + the free movie ticket, but customer service didn't have a coupon printer to "fix" it. So they just refunded me back the one whiskas ($2.19) and then sent me to a manager who just scanned a bar code and gave me a movie ticket CAT. So I ended up only buying 9 items on this order for the movie ticket, plus we received an extra $1 off since you receive the full value of the product back on a return ($2.19). So this movie ticket only cost us.... $2.11 when you factor in the (2) $1.00 OYNO Cats and the overage from the coupon used on the returned cat treats! Plus that included 4 PBs! The snuggle and cat treats I already gave to my mom.

So after getting this fixed... I did a quick run of my own...
6 Big K 12 packs Sodas $1.88 each (not pictured)
4 Snuggles $2.99 - $3 MQ = $0.01 overage
1 Whiskas $1.49- $1 MQ= $0.49
4 Skippy PB $1.79 - $0.60 MQ= $0.79 each (received (2) $1 Cats for buying 5)= $0.29 each
1 Heinz Ketchup (big one 40 oz and we were COMPLETELY out... crazy) $1.99
3 lawrys marinade $1.00 - $0.50 MQ= free
3 McGormick Marindads $1.00 - $0.50 MQ= free
- (2) $1.00 OYNO Q (from my husband's sunday order)
Total $15.97! Received another movie ticket code+ the (2) $1 Cats for the skippy

So again not a bad total.. this movie ticket was only $3.63, which included the MUCH needed ketchup and cheap PB. I will be giving my mom the snuggle and cat treats again. We think the Big K soda is decent tasting and you can't beat the price... we have been paying $2.50 a 12 pack for coke or pepsi when we catch it on sale, so $1.88 is pretty nice.

Then I stopped by CVS, mostly to scan my card for CRTS and check out stock levels since i was in the area. I am debating whether to attempt the Olay deal and combine it with the $20 back for $50 Olay rebate (for more vacation $)... not sure if I will do it or not. I did receive the $5/40 CRT that everyone seems to be getting this week!

I did find 1 pair of little baby crocs (completely unnecessary when they are this small, but super cute!!) and travel wipes @ 90% in the clearance section! I thought I had a $1 skin care CRT which would have made the wipes a fabulous deal.. but I guess it had expired and I had already tossed it... anyway
6 playskool travel wipes $0.19 each
1 little baby crocs $0.79
Total $2.09 on a gift card


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