More cheap powerade!

>> May 31, 2010

46 powerades - (21) $0.75/2 Tearpads= $2.20 or less than 5 cents each!
6 Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce $0.88 - $1/2 MQs= $0.38 each
Total $4.48 OOP!

So you may ask why 46 powerades? When it was buy 10, get 5 free... so I had one too many...
Well I actually had 23 coupons left.. so I needed one extra powerade to make it 46 and use 23 coupons.. which should work out better because I would pay a $0.80 for one extra powerade, but I would be able to use one more Q, worth either $0.75 or $1 (if they doubled it)...

As you can see above, I listed only 21 Qs.. because I guess she missed two. I tried to hand them to her in stacks of 5 and keep track as she scanned them but.... obviously it didn't work out.

However, it worked out ok because she only scanned 44 powerades. So my total was $1.60 less than it should have been. So I was short 2 qs.. worth either $1.50 or $2 (if doubled)... so it is pretty much a wash.

Of course only 10 powerades came off as free instead of 15, because the computer only saw me buy 44...not the 45 required.. I wasn't sure why my total was so high until I started walking out and then stopped by customer service. They had just closed but luckily the lady dealt with me anyway... and she just gave me $4.. didn't even try and figure it out. Anyway.. it worked out to be a great deal!

This deal came at a perfect time for us! We now have 5 cases (75) powerade zeros.. enough for Peter to take one to work all summer + then some! It has just started to get super hot and he needs a gatorade/powerade each day at work to help replace some of his electrolytes! Now he can avoid pay the $1+ at circle K each day.


Frys Run 5/30

30 Powerades $0.80 each - 10 free powerades (store promo) - (14) $0.75/2 tearpad = $2 for all 30!
10 Sweet Baby Rays $0.88 each - (5) $1/2 MQ = $0.38 each
Total $5.80 OOP!

My cashier missed (1) $0.75/2 tearpad Q.. but when I asked her about it.. she said I don't think you can use coupons on the free ones. Basically she didn't understand my question. However, she then said "But I will try and if it scans than that's ok"... so at that point I realized she was going to scan them all (all but the one she missed) and she also let them all double. I decided not to press the issue on the one coupon... since I was already out ahead with all of the Qs doubling. My store is so hit and miss on doubling more than 3 like coupons, that I just can't count on it.

So I still made out pretty good! I have a few more Qs to use later this evening! These tearpad Qs (found at various circle K's stores) expire today, so go use them if you have them!

Oh and my husband was stoked that I stocked up on Sweet Baby Rays... one of his fave BBQ sauces.


Speaking of Photography.. There is a Great Groupon Today!!

$45 for One 16"x20" Gallery-Wrapped Canvas Including Shipping and Handling from Canvas on Demand ($126.95 Value) from!

Check out this Groupon here!!

I am thinking I might get this and save it for a really great family portrait. It expires 9/15/10, so hopefully we will have a found a photography deal by then!

•Turn original photo into artwork
•Doesn't need a frame
•Textured artist canvas
•Upload online or mail originals

The Fine Print
Expires Sep 15, 2010
Limit 1 per order. Shipping and tax included. Not valid with other offers. Available for redemption starting 6/3.
See the rules that apply to all deals


Last Day: Becky's Blog Big Photography Giveaway!

Bummer, Tucson never showed up again in the Big Photography Giveaway. I had my fingers crossed! I am still on the hunt for a great photography deal!

There were lots of Phoenix photographers listed (among many other places)! Make sure you go back and check to see if there are anymore that you can enter. She listed 5 a day by location for each day in May!

Also if you have already entered any, please go back and check to see if you won. Becky is listing the winners (as chosen by each photographer) on a winner post, and it's the winners responsibility to contact the photographer. She listed another batch of winners today, in addition to the last batch of photographers.

Even if you didn't win, some photographers are offering special deals to everyone who entered!

This was an awesome giveaway and thanks to Becky for sharing such a great giveaway to everyone. And of course thanks to the awesome photographers who participated!!


Fabulous Morning Run!

>> May 30, 2010

(Sorry for the bad picture, I used my cell phone because I couldn't find my camera)

I loved my Safeway run this morning. E and I went walking with a friend up near the nice Safeway this morning. So I took advantage of being nearby and had a couple orders planned. It went brilliantly for me!!

Order #1
8 12-pack Diet Cokes $19.92- (4) $1.50 Tearpad Qs = $13.92 for all 8!
4 Honest Tea $1.25 - $.50 tearpad Qs= $0.25 each
4 Ziplock Containers $1.99 (wyb 3+) - $0.55 MQ= $0.99 each
Tide Stain Booster $5.99 (with ad Q)- $3 eQ - $3 MQ= $0.01 overage
1 Kashi Cereal $4.49- free MQ= free
1 Cakester Oreos $3.59- free MQ= free
6 White Corns $0.75 for all
5 Zone Bars $1 - $0.50 MQ= free
- $5/50 Safeway Q
Total $14.14 on a gift card

Earned $3 CAT for honest tea + (2) $2 CATs for ziplocks
Net Cost for trip $7.14!! Less than $1 for each 12 pack of soda! Plus everything is free!

Order #2
4 Ziplock Containers $1.99 (wyb 3+) - $0.55 MQ= $0.99
4 Honest Teas $1.25 - $0.50 Tearpad = $0.25 each
1.12 lbs Tomatoes $2.23
- (2) $2, and $3 CATS
Total $0.57 on a gift card
Earned another $3 and (2) $2 Cats again!!

Yeah, so net cost of for this order was $0.57! The overage (with the CAT) on the honest tea took the brunt of my tomato cost!

I was happy to get the Tide stain booster for free. Plus cheap coke is nice! I was able to just get over $50 on my 1st order and was able to use the $5 off $50 Q. This brought down the cost my soda!

Thanks to Sheryl for this deal! The Money Making Tea was nice! I almost screwed up my 2nd order, because I had spaced the fact that it was a money maker and barely had enough (the tomatoes) to cover the $2 overage when using the $3 CAT from my 1st order.

Thanks EVE for the heads up on the ziplock deal! I was excited to see the free ziplock containers including the big ones! Usually you can only get the little ones for free/cheap. I plan on going back doing the ziplock deal a few more times. I can update my own food storage containers, pass along a few to family and maybe save some for my Yard Sale Project!

Plus I found a $15 Coors Rebate, a new Snapple TMF pad, the new Dairy booklet and a $2/2 Club crackers (in a coors booklet)!

I was hoping to score some $1 O Organic Qs or the Hillshire Farms/Ribs Tearpads... but I didn't see any. (If you have any tips on where I can look for these.. send them my way!!)


Watch for the Listerine MM @ Target...

>> May 29, 2010

Listerine Whitening @ 50% = $1.98 - $2 IP ( = $0.02 overage (+ tax of course)....

Then there is this neat little rebate to send for!! Thanks Totally Target for posting the details!!

I found several bottles still at my store... check it out before they sell out!


Cheaper than Old Navy.. $1.50 each!

Look at the bargains I ran into at Twice As Nice this week! 2 Fun t-shirts, a Legos/Darth Vader one for Quinn and a cars talking one for Elliot. Plus 2 pairs of shorts for Quinn and a cute Hawaiian shirt for each boy. Quinn's is even Gymboree.

I went in only looking for some more shorts for Quinn. But they were running a special, buy one item get one red tag item for free. So we paid $2.99 for each pair of shorts and one shirt and then received the other 3 shirts for free! So basically $1.50 each!

And as always.. I used trade credit, so really free for me!

If you happen to be near a Twice as Nice this weekend.. I received this in an email:

Men's Women's Kids'

Shop our red tag fastener special and get 2 freebies with the purchase of a full priced item of equal or greater value!

So now they are offering 2 red tag freebies with any full price purchase!

These are the locations listed in the email (I am not sure if the others are participating):
Tucson Broadway/Prudence Open 9-7
Tucson Broadway/Alvernon Open 9-5
Tucson Oracle/Wetmore Open 9-5
Tucson Ina/Oldfather Open 9-5
Phoenix 43rd/Peoria Open 9-4
Sierra Vista 344 E. Fry Open 9-7

And don't forget Old Navy has an extra 50% off clearance through today (this sale sometimes is extended a few more days, but you can't count on it). Also here is a nice $5 off $25 Q to use there!


5PM + Friday + Memorial Day Weekend = Insanity at the Grocery Store!

So I was a little late running errands yesterday, I had a few things on my list and didn't leave until Peter came home from work.
This had me hitting Frys right at 5pm. (Not the best time to go grocery shopping)
On a Friday. (Even worse)
The Friday before Memorial Day. (Disastrous!)

Seriously what was I thinking. The parking situation didn't seem too bad. I found an OK spot. There were shopping carts available in front of the store. Another OK sign. However, as soon as I walked in I should have turned around and walked out.

It appeared that 8-9 check stands were open + self checkout and it was 4 people deep in every line. I don't know how your grocery stores are, but mine are not particularly fast.

I only had BBQ sauce and Powerade on my deal run, so I decided to go for it. I maneuvered my way to the condiment section.... and of course there is NO Sweet Baby Rays left. I decided to cut my losses at that point. (I did double check the front endcaps and display area.. no sweet baby rays there either).
I decided that it wasn't worth my time to stand in the crazy lines for 1/2 of my grocery list. I will just have to return during a less busy time and hope they have restocked.

The trip inside the store wasn't a total loss.. I did find this tearpad coupon!


Ipone/Ipad apps?

>> May 28, 2010

I am looking for App reccomendations please. I am a total newbie to the app world. In case you missed it, My dad spoiled me and gave me an Ipad for my birthday. I was also given a few Itunes gift cards to use in the app store. However I haven't really indulged in many apps yet.

I have snagged a few free ones and just today bought three; two of which are for Q. The third is this app (blogpress) that I am trying out right now.

I am interested in deal apps, coupon apps, frugal apps, organizing apps or anything like that.

Please help me!

- Posted using BlogPress from my iPad


OLD NAVY: Extra 50% off Clearance (5/28 & 5/29)

In case you haven't already heard.. Old Navy is doing an extra 50% off their clearance today and tomorrow only.

I happened to head over there yesterday (was given a $50/100 Q from their facebook promo) and this is what I scored (the picture above).

I focused non clearance items since I knew I could get 50% off on clearance today, plus I was in a hurry.

I managed to get my total to $102 (+ tax) before the Q with 2 pairs of pants/capri & 5 shirts. So My total was $55.11 after the coupon and tax. Not too shabby!

I also bought one clearance shirt for $8.99 that I bought separately and will go back today for a price adjustment. It was cute enough for $4.50.
I resisted the urge to look at kids clothes and focused on some things for me.. because only about 1/2 my stuff fits well. (I need to work on that)! Plus I needed some new t-shirts anyway.

By the way.. Old Navy does have some cute disney/cars/mickey mouse/toy story shirts in the boys and infant boys sections. I was tempted.. but they are $10.50 and I just couldn't bring myself to buy one at full price!

The $50 off $100 Q is hard to snag (via Facebook), but here is the $5/$25 one you can use.


Breakers Water Park admission for $9!!

What a great coupon for Memorial day weekend! The Tucson Groupon is for Breakers admission! It is going to be warm this weekend, so Breakers would be a fun Memorial day adventure!

Today's Deal: $9 for a Day Pass to Breakers Water Park ($19.95 Value)

•On-site lifeguards & nurses
•35-foot Riptide slide
•Kids area
•Free parking

The Fine Print
Expires Sep 6, 2010
Limit 4 per person. No cash back. No resale. Not valid with other offers. May split over multiple visits. May redeem day of purchase.
See the rules that apply to all deals.

I did look around for other discounts and it looks like you can usually save $5 Qs off their regular price admission via a coupon on their website. This Groupon savers you $10.95 off admission!


A run of bad luck... RE: Local grocery stores

>> May 27, 2010

This was my shopping trip on Tuesday (before the Frys sale ended).

There was nothing too exciting on my list, other than wanting to replicate my huggies wipes deal but there was not enough in stock. I didn't bother with a rain check, because (1) customer service at my store always has a line and (2) I wasn't sure how the rain check would work with the extra $3 off promo. So I said "forget it"...

Anyway, my orders because surprising simple and quick and it should have been an easy success but what should have been is not always what happens.

So here are my orders
(2) Packs of Chicken Breasts $5.13 each
(4) Kraft Dressings - (2) $0.55 MQs and (2) $0.55 IPs
Total $13.38 OOP
Received $3 CAT for Kraft Dressing

(2) Gallons of Milk $1.88
(4) Kraft Dressings - (3) $0.55 MQs and (1) $0.55 IP
-$3 CAT (from 1st order)
Total $4.33 OOP
Received $3 CAT for Kraft Dressing

So... the cashier suppressed my IPs. When I called her on it... she said Frys doesn't double IPs. I of course pointed out that the coupons didn't say "Do Not Double" but she claimed it didn't matter. "They DON'T double IPs". (She said it very absolutely, sort of Sith like)

I quickly looked around for a coupon policy sign, but of course there was nothing around.. not that it would have mattered. She was insistent. It was clearly a no win situation.

Plus its getting hot, I had milk and fresh chicken breasts... and I needed to get home and get them in the fridge. So I just paid and left. We are talking a total of $1.35 here.

But that is what is so irritating, it is my $1.35. Yes my time is worth more than that, but what about the time it took for me to figure out a deal and pull together my coupons. And then have the cashier arbitrarily shut me down... all for $1.35. UGH

I have since fired off an email to Frys.. of course no response yet. But the situation is so frustrating... They either constantly change their policy or the cashiers are never consistent in applying their policy. Either way its ridiculous.. particularly given their current promo is ALL coupons $1. It doesn't exclude IPs or even "Do Not Double Qs" for that matter...

Anyway... what more is there to be said.


Another Awesom Target Find!

I just happen to run into this FANTASTIC clearance find. I am stalking something else in the baby area and noticed the red clearance sticker on this Combo Graco Seat/Stroller @ 75% off. It was only $37.48!!!

What is so crazy is that it includes a Graco Snugride with base (the infant seat we use) and also the Graco Snap and Go Stroller.

We just bought a base (only the base) for my dad's truck for $39.99 at Target! This set includes another car seat and the stroller and it is still cheaper! Too bad we don't have the box for the base anymore.. I would be tempted to return it since we haven't even used it yet.

Ina Road (for the local) had one more yesterday afternoon...


When is this necessary?

>> May 26, 2010

I can think of a dozen reasons EASY and all involve having a toddler! :-)

I am sitting here enjoying this ice cream while doing some online stuff because I have spent the last 30 minutes convincing Q he needs to at the very least stay in his room during his nap. He has been a bit under the weather getting over double ear infections, which has thrown off his sleeping habits. His 6:00 AM wake up resulted in a 45 minute nap in the car today mid morning.. and that seems to have affected his willingness to at least play quietly in his room (much less nap) during the afternoon.


We have read his "Truck book", rubbed his back, and found his requested "Daddy Elmo, Baby Elmo and Sully (a $ store baby he named after James P. Sullivan)" and placed them in his bed.

He is now sort of quietly talking to himself in there. hopefully he gets a little rest.. or at least I do!!

At least the baby is cooperating!


Swim Lessons!

Q had his 1st swim lesson yesterday! And he did fabulous! Lucky for us the screaming kid that didn't want to be there was his classmate and not him. I tried to get some good pictures of him in the water, but the parents HAVE to stay behind the wrought iron pool fence which did block the camera view well.

While I would love the opportunity to take better pics, there is a blessing in that Q is working with just the teacher and not hanging on to me!

He was a bit shy when we arrived (late of course) and had to just jump right in. And I think the screaming toddler next to him startled him a bit, but he got over it pretty quick.

I fully expect him to be say "Don't Cry Nate" and "It's OK Nate" on Thursday. He is constantly trying to reassure E at home, so I am sure he will apply it to other crying kiddos too!

We were filmed for Channel 4 (KVOA), I am guessing we will be on the news in the next few days. So if you see a Kristi's Kids segment on the news, it might be us!

If you live here in Tucson and have kiddos that could use swim lesson, go here and enter!!

Oh and they are giving away life vests AND pool fences too!!


500 Color Business Cards Winner!

Entry #17 won! Congrats to Arizona Savings! Thanks to for sponsoring this giveaway. They offer other products and services, check out their printing services on their website! Perhaps another giveaway will be on the horizon!

Thanks to everyone who entered!


Mail Call! 5/25

>> May 25, 2010

I had a great couple of days of mail!!

  1. Multiple magazines, some to read and some to trade to Bookmans!

  2. Several Huggies home mailers with various Qs!

  3. A very nice box of samples from Kraft (I think it was from their facebook page, no longer available). It included 4 snack bags of triscuits, 3 sample packets of general foods international flavored drink mix, a coupon for a free package of Philadelphia minis and a coupon for a free kraft olive oil mayo! Oh and a rebate form to receive $10 back when you spend $30! Very nice!

  4. Another box with pantene samples from Vocal Point

  5. Plus a new charger for Quinn's Fisher Price DVD player... which didn't fix the issue we are having, so we have to return it to them and they are sending us a refund check. They don't make it anymore, so they can't replace it. Quinn has already confiscated our little personal one and uses it quite well, so he will be fine.

Did you receive anything fun this past week?


Target and Circle K: $0 OOP!

Hopefully you stopped and picked up your free bananas yesterday through the new Dbacks promo. They are offering a new Q after each home game, so we should see a new Q on June 4th!

We also spent some time exploring Target (I had an RX to drop off.. so we had a legitimate reason to look around)!

I found the cutest set for E, $3.74 (75% off) for the 3-piece set. It includes a super cute rocket onsie, hoodie jacket and pants. I was tempted to buy both sizes they had, but restrained myself and only bought the 18 month one.

I also grabbed a bottle of hershey's syrup to use to dip sliced frozen nanas in!

Then I used the last of my 3 $5 Target GC wyb venus razor Qs.

Basically the overage paid for the outfit and hersheys!

1 18 month outfit (75% off) $3.74
1 Hershey's syrup $1.47
6 Venus Razors $3.48- $2 MQ = $1.48 each
(3) $5 Target GC - free TQ wyb venus razors = free
Total $14.87 on a target gift card

(But of course I received another $15 in gift cards, so the order was a wash!)

Now to be honest I really don't need the razors right now.. but they are compact and a decent seller at yard sales. I am hoping to stock up on a few good sellers and make some money for our Disneyland Trip. Our goal is to pay entirely for our trip without using "regular/budget" funds.

I am hoping to find a friend/family member having a yard sale in the fall that I can set up a small table of stuff. So I will hold these to sell at a yard sale for $1 each (cheap, but I want an easy sale). That is another $10 towards our disney trip!


Contests and Giveaways 5/24

>> May 24, 2010

Here are a list of some local contests...

  1. My Giveaway is number one of course!! :-) 500 full color (both sides) Business Cards, ends 5/25. Enter here!
  2. KVOA Channel 4 Contest Page. Check out the current contests here!
  3. KVOA Swim Lessons, Pool Fences, and Life Vests Giveaway. Details here! **** Quinn starts his free lessons tomorrow!!! *****
  4. KGUN Channel 9 Contest Page. Check out the current contests here!
  5. Azcentral's 30 prizes in 30 days contest! Enter here!
  6. Tucson Visitors Center is starting a weekly contest, check it out here!
  7. My Local Home Show (Tucson) does a daily giveaway on their Facebook page (you need to Like them).

Let me know if you know of any others!!


Circle K: Dbacks and Great Coupon Promo

Circle K is offering some GREAT coupons each day.

Today's Q is for a free 3 lb bag of Del Monte Bananas!! I am thinking about having my mom pick up a bag for me today too! I am researching some frozen banana recipes (dipping in a side of chocolate??). Sounds like a cheap YUMMY treat for a few weeks!

Anyone have any specific frozen banana tips or recipes? I am thinking smoothies and slicing them for dipping in chocolate...

Also keep checking the available coupon.. just for reference purposes this weekend the Qs were for a free soda and hot dog on Saturday and $5 worth of ready to eat food on Sunday. Pretty Awesome AZ promo!!


More Phoenix Photo Session Giveaways- Becky's Blog!

>> May 23, 2010

Becky's Blog listed two more photo session giveaways for the Phoenix area.

Check it out here! There was one listed for today (Sunday) and one listed for yesterday (Saturday).

Go enter!!


CLOSED! Giveaway Time: Win 500 Business Cards!

>> May 22, 2010

I am happy to announce another giveaway!! Uprinting is allowing me to give away 500 Color Business Cards to a reader!

If you have a blog or a small business, these cards would be a fun way to promote it!

Or perhaps creating a "family" card with all your pertinent contact information (phone number, email address, etc) to hand out to other parents at play dates, school functions, etc.

Or create whatever you want! These are full color on both sides. How fun! There are over 80 great templates to use or design your own from scratch! Check it out here at!

You can check out all of their printing services on their website!

Giveaway Details:
500 Business Cards
2 x 3.5”, 2 x 2” (square card) or 1.75 x 3.5” (slim card)
14 pt gloss cardstock, 14 pt matte cardstock or 13 pt recycled uncoated cardstock
Full Color Both Sides; Offset Press; 3 Business Day Printing
Shipping: FREE UPS Ground Shipping
Eligibility: Limited to US Residents only. Must be 18 years old and up.
Giveaway Ends 5/25/10 @ 8pm AZ time!
To Enter: Leave me a comment on this post... it can be about anything! Plus make sure I can contact you (leave an email or make sure I have access to it in your profile!).
Extra Entries: Leave an additional comment on THIS post for each extra entry you qualify for!
  1. Blog about this giveaway and leave a link to your post! This is worth 2 extra entries (be sure to leave TWO extra comments!)
  2. Subscribe to me via email or RSS (or be an existing subscriber).
  3. "Like" me on Facebook (If you already like me that counts too!)
  4. Add my button to your blog! (or list me on your blogroll) - of course if you have my blog already listed.. that also counts.

Remember this giveaway ends Tuesday, May 25 @ 8pm AZ time! I will use a random number generator to select the winner and contact them via email (Make sure I can email you!). You have 48 hours to respond!

Disclosure: Uprinting is also giving me 500 business cards in appreciation for hosting this giveaway. All opinions expressed are my own and no other compensation was received.


Retail Therapy: Target Finds 5/21

We had a last minute DOC appt. for E friday morning. He has a goopy, sleep eye and it was getting worse. Good news is that its common and there is no medicine necessary. The bad news it may take awhile to go away....

Anyway, we had to wait 40+ minutes in the exam room before the doctor popped in. Q did fantastic until the very end and got a little antsy. Anyway, because of this we had a very short window of time to hit Target before my mom needed to get home.

Why am I writing about this?? Oh to explain why I went to TWO targets in one day! I was "shorted" time to explore the 1st Target! :-) So I had to pop back out last night for some Mommy Retail Therapy Time!

Store #1
2 pairs of Disney socks $0.50 each
1 coupon organizer $0.50
3 Rayovac 2-pack D batteries $1 each - $1 IPs= free
Total $1.78 on a gift card

Purple Dot Items are 50% off in the $ spot right now!

Just before I left to spend a little more time looking for deals at my regular Target.. I saw a deal over at Cents'sAbleShopping! She found venus razors for $3.48 each that you could combine with $2 MQs and $5 Target Gift Card Q wyb 2 for a nice little money maker!! Thanks Sheryl!

Store #2, order #1
5 GE light bulbs (sale through saturday) $1.99 each - $2 TQ- $1 MQ= $1 overage each!
1 Up & Up bottle liners (totally needed these) $3.44
2 Venus Razors (found in the bulk/seasonal section) $3.48 - $2 MQ= $1.48 each
$5 Target Gift Card - Free $5 Gift card wyb 2 Razor TQ = free
Total $1.84 on a gift card!

A $3.16 MM + I snagged the bottle liners I needed!

Store #2, order #2
4 GE light bulbs (sale through Saturday) $1.99 each - $2 TQ- $1 MQ= $1 overage each!
2 C9 boys shirts (50% off) $2.98- $2.50 C9 hangtag Q= $0.48 each
1 Nivea Women's Body Wash bonus pack $3.84 (also in bulk section) - $4 MQ= $0.16 overage
1 Cars Socks $0.50 ($ section)
2 Venus Razors (found in the bulk/seasonal section) $3.48 - $2 MQ= $1.48 each
$5 Target Gift Card - Free $5 Gift card wyb 2 Razor TQ = free
Total $0.81 on a gift card!

A $4.19 MM + I snagged the shirts for Q!

I do plan on going back today (HOPEFULLY) and doing the razor deal a few more times. This Q was NOT in the Tucson paper (we always get screwed), so I only have 5.

Speaking of better coupons.. remember you can order the Phoenix paper through this deal for $0.75! And its apparently good until 5/31!!


A Case Study: Toilet Paper Prices

>> May 21, 2010

What is a good price for Toilet Paper???

I bought both packages of TP earlier this week at CVS on sale for $4.99 each. They both have 12 rolls and visually appear to be the same size package. However looks can be deceiving!

Precious @ FrugalMakesCents brought up this topic on Wednesday. She uses the price point of $0.01 a square foot to judge whether its a good deal.

I hadn't really considered the price per unit on toilet paper very carefully before... (How disappointing I know!) I do know that I prefer to buy regular old Scott TP or something like it vs. soft/fluffy stuff because it lasts longer.

So today I grabbed my recent purchases to examine my deal, did I meet the target price??

The top package (green earth essentials) is 1311.5 sq ft and the bottom package (blue) is ONLY 426.9 sq ft. That means the green toilet paper has THREE (3) times as much toilet paper in the package!!! Crazy!!

So using $0.01 per square foot... the top package is a good deal if its under $13.11 and the 2nd one is only a good deal if its under $4.26! I paid $4.99 for each, using CVS $. The earth essentials TP is a great deal according to the $0.01 price point! However the blue kind is not...

Since I know I can usually get the CVS TP (either style) for $5 or $6 each, I think I should cut my ideal price point for TP to 1/2 a cent a square foot. ($0.005/sq ft) Precious also decided that $0.005/sq ft is a great stock up price for her (now in NY).

I have decided to return the blue package to CVS and exchange it for the "good" earth essentials kind. I didn't choose to buy the blue TP to begin with, but my fave CVS store only had 1 of the earth essentials kind, so I just grabbed the other kind that was on sale because I was in a hurry. However you are paying THREE times as much for the blue kind vs the earth essentials even when you pay the "same" price!

On a side note.. I have been getting the Marcal TP for free with the $1 sale at Albies and the $1 MQ. Free is great, but if I had to pay for this TP... its worth less than $0.75 a package (using $0.01/sq ft) or $0.37 a package (using MY $0.005/sq ft). I can't recall what the regular price is for this, but the sale price is $1... so it my opinion I wouldn't buy this TP on sale without a coupon!

What about you, what is a good price for TP where you live?


Phoenix Groupon: Baja Fresh!

$7 for $15 Worth of Fresh Mexican Fare at Baja Fresh. Choose One of 12 Locations.

Bummer Phoenix only and only good for 3 months.

Here are the Phoenix locations:
•430 E. Bell Road, Phoenix
•16495 N. Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale
•14858 N. Frank Lloyd Wright Boulevard, Scottsdale
•10120 W. McDowell Road, Avondale
•50 N. Central Avenue, Phoenix
•1615 E. Camelback Road, Phoenix
•4032 N. Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale
•414 W. University Drive, Tempe
•780 W. Elliot Road, Tempe
•4302 E. Ray Road, Ahwatukee
•3450 W. Chandler Boulevard, Chandler
•3420 E. Baseline Road, Mesa

It's too bad that it isn't a nationwide Q or good longer... we will be in Phoenix in September for a wedding.. but this will have expired by then. However if you are in Phoenix now.. might be worth snagging!


Frys 5/20: Free ketchup and cheap huggies wipes!

>> May 20, 2010

I ran into frys to grab a few deals...
3 Hunts Ketchup $1 each - $0.20 MQ (store makes it $1 right now)= free
8 Huggies wipes $1.99 each - (3) $2/2 IPs and (2) $0.75/1 MQ (home mailers) - $3 WYB $15 + Huggies Frys Promo= $4.92 for all 8 or ~$0.61 each!
6 Pepsi 2 liters $5 = $0.84 each
Eggs $0.77
4 lunchables $0.99 each - $1/2 Frys Q (from d-backs flyers)

Total $14. 26 OOP

Plus I received 2 CATS for a free redbox rental for purchasing the soda. So looks like every 3 pepsi bottles are giving a free movie code.... Neat! We haven't had time to rent movies much lately, but maybe we can make some time!

Thanks to Eve for the reminder on the Huggies deal and Kim for the heads up on the ketchup!!

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