CVS 5/12: The Marble Light Car is pretty neat...

>> May 13, 2010

I made it out to CVS last night to do a quick run. I had a $5/25 email CVS Q to spend, plus I needed to roll some ECBS.
2 Right Guard Deodorants $2.69 - $1.50 IP = $1.19 each
2 Crest Pro Health Toothpastes $3.50- $0.75 MQ= $2.75 each
1 Kotex U $4.99 - $1 IP- $1 CVS Q= $2.99
2 Nature's Bounty Vitamin C $6.49 each - BOGO sale - $5 IPs= $3.51 overage
1 CVS infant tylenol $4.79
1 Lite up Marble Car $4.99
-$5/25 email Q
- $12.98 ECBS
Total $0.40 on a gift card
Earned $7 (crest), $4.99 (kotex) and $4 (right guard) ECBS

The overall transaction was a MM for me, plus I rolled some ECBS! No deal on the infant tylenol, but we needed some.

Plus the Light up Marble Car was a total splurge for Quinn. However, it is really cool. I thought $4.99 was high for a car.. but it does this fun crazy light up action that Quinn will love. Its also clear and you add the decals... Not that he needs another car, the kid is spoiled rotten. :-) I did snag the fire chief fire one (Quinn loves fire trucks/stations, etc) and I will send away for another one for free... See details here. So it really brings the cost to $2.50 each, and of course I am using free CVS $... so its the same as spending REAL money.

If you are looking for these cars.. they aren't in the regular toy section. I found them in the summer promotional section... near the summer toys.


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