Fabulous Morning Run!

>> May 30, 2010

(Sorry for the bad picture, I used my cell phone because I couldn't find my camera)

I loved my Safeway run this morning. E and I went walking with a friend up near the nice Safeway this morning. So I took advantage of being nearby and had a couple orders planned. It went brilliantly for me!!

Order #1
8 12-pack Diet Cokes $19.92- (4) $1.50 Tearpad Qs = $13.92 for all 8!
4 Honest Tea $1.25 - $.50 tearpad Qs= $0.25 each
4 Ziplock Containers $1.99 (wyb 3+) - $0.55 MQ= $0.99 each
Tide Stain Booster $5.99 (with ad Q)- $3 eQ - $3 MQ= $0.01 overage
1 Kashi Cereal $4.49- free MQ= free
1 Cakester Oreos $3.59- free MQ= free
6 White Corns $0.75 for all
5 Zone Bars $1 - $0.50 MQ= free
- $5/50 Safeway Q
Total $14.14 on a gift card

Earned $3 CAT for honest tea + (2) $2 CATs for ziplocks
Net Cost for trip $7.14!! Less than $1 for each 12 pack of soda! Plus everything is free!

Order #2
4 Ziplock Containers $1.99 (wyb 3+) - $0.55 MQ= $0.99
4 Honest Teas $1.25 - $0.50 Tearpad = $0.25 each
1.12 lbs Tomatoes $2.23
- (2) $2, and $3 CATS
Total $0.57 on a gift card
Earned another $3 and (2) $2 Cats again!!

Yeah, so net cost of for this order was $0.57! The overage (with the CAT) on the honest tea took the brunt of my tomato cost!

I was happy to get the Tide stain booster for free. Plus cheap coke is nice! I was able to just get over $50 on my 1st order and was able to use the $5 off $50 Q. This brought down the cost my soda!

Thanks to Sheryl for this deal! The Money Making Tea was nice! I almost screwed up my 2nd order, because I had spaced the fact that it was a money maker and barely had enough (the tomatoes) to cover the $2 overage when using the $3 CAT from my 1st order.

Thanks EVE for the heads up on the ziplock deal! I was excited to see the free ziplock containers including the big ones! Usually you can only get the little ones for free/cheap. I plan on going back doing the ziplock deal a few more times. I can update my own food storage containers, pass along a few to family and maybe save some for my Yard Sale Project!

Plus I found a $15 Coors Rebate, a new Snapple TMF pad, the new Dairy booklet and a $2/2 Club crackers (in a coors booklet)!

I was hoping to score some $1 O Organic Qs or the Hillshire Farms/Ribs Tearpads... but I didn't see any. (If you have any tips on where I can look for these.. send them my way!!)


Wheat May 30, 2010 at 11:58 PM  

Look for the O Organics coupon by the pharmacy. it is at the bottom of a 1/3 sheet size cardstock.

beth May 31, 2010 at 3:57 AM  

I haven't seen those yet either, but I will keep my eyes open for you. Where did you find the honest tea tear pad? I have been looking everywhere for it!

Precious May 31, 2010 at 6:43 AM  

Wow! Do I ever miss those shopping deals in AZ! Nice score on it all.

Thanks for the heads up on the new forms and coupons. I will be looking for them here.

SOINSPIRED May 31, 2010 at 6:55 AM  

What a great day you had. Where did you find your Honest Tea tearpads? Thanks!

kc May 31, 2010 at 8:11 AM  

Thanks Wheat. This store doesn't have a pharmacy, but I will check my "hated" store some time soon.

Hi beth and soinspired,
My mom found the tearpads for me (she is always hunting) and was out of town.. I am thinking it was in the white moutains. But I will ask her when she gets back (she is out of town again this weekend).

Hi Precious!! :-)

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