Free Local Papers= Free Coupon Inserts!

>> May 14, 2010

Speaking of extra coupon inserts....

There are local, free papers available that often contain coupon inserts!

The Northwest Explorer is available in the NW (duh) Tucson, Marana, & Oro Valley areas. It usually includes smart source inserts from the past sunday and possibly red plum inserts from the upcoming sunday. It can be hit and miss on coupon availability. It seems like they include the coupons in the subsection copies first and then all the free newsstand ones get the rest...

We used to have it delivered to our house, but they stopped delivering it to our neighborhood a few months ago. However, I know Marana seems to get it still delivered. My in laws and brother both still get it every Wednesday.

However various local business in the area have copies more specifically I know Bookmans and the libraries for sure carry them! If you are local and know of more specific places that carry it let me know!!

Ok.. other parts of Tucson also have La Estrella De Tucson. My Southwest Savings finds it often at circle K on the east side. I haven't noticed any near my house, but I have noticed them by the Tucson Mall near a bus stop.

And Phoenix gets La Voz on Fridays. It contains a condensed version of the smart source insert. Arizona Savings finds it at Food City and Circle K (and is available at many other locations).


SC May 16, 2010 at 8:34 AM  

KC ~ it's awesome when you find free newspapers w/ coupons~~ I have a few up here that I get each week that I dont have to subscribe too.......saves me dollars and I'm all about that!! :) Thanks for the info...I am thinking i may have to have my Tucson friends hunt me down some papers and bring them up to me when they visit!

mb May 16, 2010 at 10:44 AM  

I didn't realize some free papers had inserts! I wonder if there are any in NY?

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