Frugal Ramblings: Mother's Day!

>> May 09, 2010

Happy Mother's Day to all the mom's out there!!

So what do I have to report??? Well as you can see above I have managed to snap one great picture of the boys!

However, I still haven't found a photography deal yet. In fact I have been googling tucson children's photographers while watching TV this evening. I really don't want to go to a JCPenney/Sears type place. I want a more casual, fun sort of photography session, outdoors, or something.

Anyway, we enjoyed a nice dinner from PeiWei using the B1G1 free email coupon! Last night we had a great dinner at my mom's house.. shrimp, ribs and smoked chicken! It was a feast... in honor of a couple april/may b-days and of course Mother's Day!

We are pretty sure we found a preschool for Quinn. We stopped by and picked up paperwork on Friday and plan on going back soon (before school ends) to let him play and explore a bit more! He won't start until August, we need to still figure out a budget plan to pay for it and of course potty train the big guy!

I ended up ordering free 8 X 10 collage prints (using the above picture) for the grandmas. Thanks walgreens!

I do need to play catch up on some grocery deals for this week... hopefully you have been checking in with the lovely blogs listed on the right... there are definitely some deals to take advantage of this week!


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