Frys Run 5/30

>> May 31, 2010

30 Powerades $0.80 each - 10 free powerades (store promo) - (14) $0.75/2 tearpad = $2 for all 30!
10 Sweet Baby Rays $0.88 each - (5) $1/2 MQ = $0.38 each
Total $5.80 OOP!

My cashier missed (1) $0.75/2 tearpad Q.. but when I asked her about it.. she said I don't think you can use coupons on the free ones. Basically she didn't understand my question. However, she then said "But I will try and if it scans than that's ok"... so at that point I realized she was going to scan them all (all but the one she missed) and she also let them all double. I decided not to press the issue on the one coupon... since I was already out ahead with all of the Qs doubling. My store is so hit and miss on doubling more than 3 like coupons, that I just can't count on it.

So I still made out pretty good! I have a few more Qs to use later this evening! These tearpad Qs (found at various circle K's stores) expire today, so go use them if you have them!

Oh and my husband was stoked that I stocked up on Sweet Baby Rays... one of his fave BBQ sauces.


SC May 31, 2010 at 10:27 PM  

Great job! I got a total of 60 powerades......OMG...I'm drowning in Powerade.....

The hubster was super stoked about it. He thinks coupons are ok now...HA HA HA :) But only b/c I got him tons of powerade...! :)

kc May 31, 2010 at 10:44 PM  

Peter has been trained well on coupon use... he doesn't volunteer to do it for me. But will do a deal when necessary and usually appreciates my efforts. And of course awesome deals like this help.. he was like "You rock" when I brought the other 3 cases in tonight!

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