Fun Frugal Finds: Savers, Twice As Nice & Goodwill

>> May 04, 2010

Here are a few fun things I have found in the past week or so.....

I keep stalking Godwill and Savers hoping to find a few extra thomas wooden train tracks to add to Quinn's little set. I only want a few "switch" pieces that would allow him to make decisions about which way he wants a train to "turn". All of our tracks only allow for everything to go in one big loop of some sort.

Anyway...back to my fun frugal finds... I keep finding some fun toys each time I go in, just not the train tracks I want... of course it works out well for Quinn either way.

  • The Yellow CAT truck, is quite cool, the top swivels all the way around, and it has levers that work the bucket. I paid a premium $2.99 for it at Savers. I just couldn't pass it up.

  • The Waste Managment Garbage Truck is pretty cool too.. It makes a dumping sound when you move the "dumpster" to dump into the truck. Plus you can actually dump little things from the dumpster into the back of truck. It was only $1.99 from Goodwill.

  • The Cars Cup was also $1.99 from Goodwill...We just saw the same one at the Disneystore for $6 or $7 last week. I thought they were fun, but wasn't going to spend that much...

The 'fake' crocs ($2.99) , swaddler blanket ($2.99) and kipper vhs ($1.99) were from Twice as Nice. Of course I have credit there, so no actual OOP cost for me there.

  • I have been watching for some nice crocs for Quinn, I would love to find him the black mickey mouse ones or red cars ones, but I also don't want to spend much money on shoes he will outgrow super fast. These are not real crocs, but they were brand new and the right size, plus with no real $ spent, it was a no brainer!

  • I was surprised to find the swaddler there, they actually had 2 more all white ones, but I am sort of anti-all white clothing/blankets, etc. Anyway, we registered for one 2-pack of these same swaddlers and liked them so much after Elliot was born, that I had Peter go pick up another pack at Target. They are $18 a pack, so this was a definite steal!! We are big on swaddling at night, and these make it super easy! We used regular blankets with Quinn, and it was more of battle to keep it wrapped up tight... I would recommend these to any new parents.

  • I also snagged a Kipper VHS tape to take up to my family's cabin.. .there is a VCR up there in one of the bedrooms and we plan on going on a family trip for the 4th of July again.. so this might be a good distraction for Quinn if he needs a break.

Have you found any fun 2nd hand finds lately? I am always surprised by the awesome things I can find when I bop into different places and look for bargains!


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