Fun Toy Story & Sara Lee Promotion!!

>> May 03, 2010

I am so loving this fun promo!! Quinn is super big into Toy Story now, so its perfect timing. Plus we love sara lee bread and buns! Basically you collect specially marked Sara Lee Soft and Smooth UPCs and send away for fun Toy Story Products! And there is no shipping & handling charge!! So its a total freebie!!

Toy Story 3 Light Up Lunch Box: 5 POPa (proofs of purchases)
Toy Story Breakfast Plate & Tumbler Set: 4 POPs
Toy Story Sectioned PLATE: 3 POPs

Click here for the order form and more details on the items!

I would love to get 2 sets of all 3 products. One for each of my BOYS!!! :-)

We will see if I am able to collect enough to do this!
Oh and I did see some of these special marked packages in Albies yesterday!! So keep your eye out of for them!


KM May 3, 2010 at 8:36 AM  

No shipping and handling charge? That is so rare! I just bought some hamburger buns with the Toy Story characters on the front, but I didn't have time to closely examine why they were there. I'm so excited! Thanks for the heads up!

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