Last Day: Becky's Blog Big Photography Giveaway!

>> May 31, 2010

Bummer, Tucson never showed up again in the Big Photography Giveaway. I had my fingers crossed! I am still on the hunt for a great photography deal!

There were lots of Phoenix photographers listed (among many other places)! Make sure you go back and check to see if there are anymore that you can enter. She listed 5 a day by location for each day in May!

Also if you have already entered any, please go back and check to see if you won. Becky is listing the winners (as chosen by each photographer) on a winner post, and it's the winners responsibility to contact the photographer. She listed another batch of winners today, in addition to the last batch of photographers.

Even if you didn't win, some photographers are offering special deals to everyone who entered!

This was an awesome giveaway and thanks to Becky for sharing such a great giveaway to everyone. And of course thanks to the awesome photographers who participated!!


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