Mail Call! 5/25

>> May 25, 2010

I had a great couple of days of mail!!

  1. Multiple magazines, some to read and some to trade to Bookmans!

  2. Several Huggies home mailers with various Qs!

  3. A very nice box of samples from Kraft (I think it was from their facebook page, no longer available). It included 4 snack bags of triscuits, 3 sample packets of general foods international flavored drink mix, a coupon for a free package of Philadelphia minis and a coupon for a free kraft olive oil mayo! Oh and a rebate form to receive $10 back when you spend $30! Very nice!

  4. Another box with pantene samples from Vocal Point

  5. Plus a new charger for Quinn's Fisher Price DVD player... which didn't fix the issue we are having, so we have to return it to them and they are sending us a refund check. They don't make it anymore, so they can't replace it. Quinn has already confiscated our little personal one and uses it quite well, so he will be fine.

Did you receive anything fun this past week?


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