More cheap powerade!

>> May 31, 2010

46 powerades - (21) $0.75/2 Tearpads= $2.20 or less than 5 cents each!
6 Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce $0.88 - $1/2 MQs= $0.38 each
Total $4.48 OOP!

So you may ask why 46 powerades? When it was buy 10, get 5 free... so I had one too many...
Well I actually had 23 coupons left.. so I needed one extra powerade to make it 46 and use 23 coupons.. which should work out better because I would pay a $0.80 for one extra powerade, but I would be able to use one more Q, worth either $0.75 or $1 (if they doubled it)...

As you can see above, I listed only 21 Qs.. because I guess she missed two. I tried to hand them to her in stacks of 5 and keep track as she scanned them but.... obviously it didn't work out.

However, it worked out ok because she only scanned 44 powerades. So my total was $1.60 less than it should have been. So I was short 2 qs.. worth either $1.50 or $2 (if doubled)... so it is pretty much a wash.

Of course only 10 powerades came off as free instead of 15, because the computer only saw me buy 44...not the 45 required.. I wasn't sure why my total was so high until I started walking out and then stopped by customer service. They had just closed but luckily the lady dealt with me anyway... and she just gave me $4.. didn't even try and figure it out. Anyway.. it worked out to be a great deal!

This deal came at a perfect time for us! We now have 5 cases (75) powerade zeros.. enough for Peter to take one to work all summer + then some! It has just started to get super hot and he needs a gatorade/powerade each day at work to help replace some of his electrolytes! Now he can avoid pay the $1+ at circle K each day.


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