Phoenix Groupon: Parent Toddler Swim Lessons @ SWIMkids USA

>> May 15, 2010

Today's Deal: $25 for One Month of Parent-Tot Swim or Gym Classes at SWIMkids USA ($75 Value). This is a super cool offer... right up my alley except its in Phoenix (Mesa) and actually is for kids 6-24 months old (Quinn is bit too old). However, it is the sort of groupon that I would love to find in Tucson!

Groupon does have a neat feature at the bottom of their web page, under FUN STUFF: Suggest a Business. It will either let you suggest a local business you would love to see on Groupon or vote on ones that other people have suggested. This is tied to the current groupon you are viewing. So if you are checking out the Phoenix Deal of the Day and want to suggest a business for TUCSON.. you must first look at the Tucson Deal of the Day BEFORE you click on "Suggest a Business". Otherwise you are looking at the suggest a business for the Phoenix area....

Does that make sense? Hopefully, I am already brainstorming for a few local places I would like to see on Tucson Groupon!


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