REALLY!!! I mean REALLY????

>> May 06, 2010

I had two crazy shopping experiences on Monday.. one at Albertsons and the other at Safeway. Both touched on issues I have seen the past, but I was still flabbergastted by both.... It's like SERIOUSLY....

I ran to Albies to pick up a few deals...
6 Mission Chips $0.99 each - $1.50/2= $0.24 each
3 Bliss $0.80 - $0.55 MQ= free
3 Flipz $1 each - $0.50 MQ= free
3 Marcal TP $1 each - $1 MQ= free
6 Kraft Mac & Cheese $0.39 each (with ad Q)- $0.55/2 tearpad (cashier surpressed double) = $1.38 for all 6....

Ok.. so here is the crazy part. Remember this crazy experience?? Well I ventured back to that same location, hoping to find the 6 pack of TP for ~$2.. I swear I saw some of it somewhere... anyway...

I go to checkout at a regular lane.. after my crazy long delayed experience at the self checkout last time.

I wish I could say my check out was fast and quick, but no... after waiting in line... and the cashier scanning all my items. She starts scanning my coupons after Reading and reReading each Q very carefully.... AND THEN she initials every coupon.... So my experience before at the self checkout isn't a self check thing.. its a this crazy location thing. They are making cashiers initial each coupon. Seriously it took like 10 minutes to check out (once she started my small order). I knew at that point, she wasn't going to double my mac and cheese Qs.. which whatever, another crappy coupon issue that drives me bonkers, but again WHATEVER>... So I made sure to ask for the ad Q since they $0.39 with that Q, vs the $0.50 each without it.

This is the 2nd crazy thing... the cashier says she can't give me any coupons, that she could get fired. I am like WHAT???? I then ask "can I have one of your ads, the coupon in there..." she pulls it out, but keeps telling me that she can't give me any coupons. I have to give them to her. .. I am so confused at this point. So I ask if I need to go to the front of the store and get my own ad? (of course further holding up the line... which was already a few people deep before she started my order, which took extra long with all my Qs).. anyway she still keeps telling me she can't give me any Qs.. I am SOOOOO confused at this point. And was finally like "NEVER MIND.. just finish my order" I am getting super frustrated by this. She keeps pointing to the ad and says I can't give you any coupons.... She then makes it clear I can use her ad (which doesn't of course have the mac and cheese Q in it), but she can't touch the ad or take the Q herself.. She does had over another ad when I mention the lack of coupon... but our conversation to use a store ad Q and save $0.66 TOTAL added several minutes to an already long experience..

So it seems as if this store is making cashiers initial EVERY coupon they scan and they are not allowed to help customers with Qs.. including ones in their own ad. It's like REALLLY?? REALLY Albertsons.. unbelievable!!!! Where is just simple customer service. I don't think cashiers should be chastised when helping customers get the "ad" price for a product. Nor should checkout take twice as long because every coupon has to be initialed...

So after that experience I was worn out and decided against stopping at the other albies (after safeway) for a few more deals. Although the other location does not initial coupons, so the experience would have been smoother anyway. I did not while in the store that the flipz are on sale until May 26 (pretty sure on the date) and the Marcal TP is on sale until June 1st. So not rush on using those Qs.

Onward to Safeway...
At safeway I wanted to just snag the kratft cream cheese minis deal and the windex. The crazy thing is this store didn't have any of the kraft cream cheese minis. I had bought some at the smaller store before, so it never occurred to me that the "bigger" store wouldn't have them... but there wasn't even a place for them on the shelf. I was in a time crunch, so I couldn't really go to the other store also, so I was bummed I had chosen this store to shop at.

Anyway, so I grab 8 bottles of windex, a gift card and some rice krispies. There are several lines open, with no one in any of them. So I go to checkout with 2 separate orders (breaking up the windex in to 2 sets of 4...) Nothing too unusual.

However, as soon as the cashier sees my 2 orders, he tells me he can't check me out. Says if I want to do 2 orders I have to go to another checkout lane. I swear I must have still been confused from my Albertsons cashier.. I thought he was completely refusing to let me check out. After a moment or 2 of confusion, he finally made it clear that for my 2nd order.. I had to go to another check stand... I was like fine, whatever. If that is what he wants me to do.. no biggie, again no lines anywhere, so it didn't really affect me.

So the coast is clear right... my 2 simple orders will be checked out quickly (albeit at separate lanes).... UHHHH no... as soon as he rings my order and see my ENORMOUS stack of FOUR (yes 4) coupons. He says I can only use 3. He will not allow me to use 4 identical coupons. Again I am thinking there must be a communication error, or I maybe I am on candid camera??? I say, I bought 4 windex, and am using (4) $1.00 Qs (so no doubling issue)... but he restates nope.. only 3 identical coupons. He also makes some random comment about "you aren't going to try what the last lady did..." referring to 4 coupons I guess....

Ok seriously.. I am buying 4 identical items, I can't use 4 identical coupons. I am not asking you to double 4 coupons (no need), because I know technically that is their official policy. As we go back and forth about this, the guy continually says I can't use more than 3 identical coupons and I point to the Policy written right on the check stand. It clearly mentions doubling only 3 coupons, but the 4th identical coupon and and so forth will be redeemed at face value... UGH... can the policy be anymore clear, and written officially at the FREAKING checkstand?? I don't think my dismay and disbelief can truly be expressed in this story. But honestly I am pointing to the policy and reading it to him and he keeps saying, 'I can't do it, you can check out at the front if you want" blah blah blah.

So I am SOOOOOO confused at this point, why can't a cashier honor the coupon policy that is clearly labeled at the checkstand??? So I am like fine.... the bag boy moves my stuff to customer service. At this point, I am thinking "just forget the order," and hoping the supervisor/customer service person can just clear up the confusion. However the customer service guy can't really be bothered to even understand the cashier's issue and just wants to complete my order. I still try and talk to this guy about it, trying to one truly understand and get it addressed, but again... this 2nd guy doesn't care and even says he doesn't care about what Manufacturer's coupons I use since they get reimbursed for them. He did start to explain that the Ad Q would only apply to 3 of the windexs (as limit stated), but that was fine.. that wasn't the cashier's issue at all or mine. So.. anyway, as a result my I checked out with my first order, paid and then on the 2nd order I couldn't find the rice krispies that I was going to buy with the windex (there was a small amount of overage to cover).. the guy rang me up and saw the total go negative $0.36 and says " uhhh not sure how that happened but I am not giving you money back..." Again really not an issue for me, because I wasn't looking for actual cash back. I did want it applied to my 4 boxes of cereal, but whatever.

Of course in all this chaos, I do get my free windex.. however again no CATS! The customer service check stand doesn't have a catalina machine. Ugh seriously. No cream cheese and no cats... I guess at least I bought the free windex, of course I didn't even need that.. I gave it all to my mom and brother (which is why there is no picture). ....

Anyway... is anyone confused about my experience. I am still flabbergasted that the guy wouldn't read the coupon policy or even listen to me. Literally just shut down when I pointed it out. Repeatedly denying me and stating I could checkout at the front if I wanted....

Ok.. so now that my post is 3 pages long and rambling like there is no tomorrow.. at least I got it off my chest. I am not sure if I will contact safeway about this issue.. because when I have done so in the past, I don't even get a response back. So their customer service must be a black hole.

Technically I found a few deals at both stores.. but I was so confused, flabbergasted by both stores and their check out situations. My head was spinning as I drove home....


Heather May 6, 2010 at 7:25 PM  

kc, I ran into a similar predicament this week. The Safeway across the street from me -- major PAIN IN MY BUTT. THey change the rules every time I shop there too. I tried doing the windex deal, and I was using printable coupons, and they said they now only take one printable coupon per item. Huh? What? Did I miss that notice or something? I didn't even want to go home and get my insert coupons and reattempt the deal, because I'm sure they would have found a way to deny it anyway. I ended up telling them to keep my order and walking out...Ugh, Safeway frustrates me these days.

SC May 6, 2010 at 8:47 PM  

Wow...KC, I am apalled. You truly must be upset...I was the same way last week when I was there. Tried to get the Shamrock Farms chocolate milk @ 1.19, and had the .35/1 IP coupon (from Shamrock website) - I mean, Shamrock Farms is LOCAL for us! The cashier saw me with 3 IPs and said "nope. Only 1 IP per person." I said, fine, do another transaction. "WE CAN'T". ??? Can't what?? The limit is 1 per customer. I said "per day or per transaction?"

She said "Ever. And I have the policy. I just came from upper management."

I said, " well that's weird...I have the policy right here, and it does not say anything about limiting IPs to one per customer, ever. It says limit of 3 like coupons doubled per transaction."

I was ticked. I wrote to SW but no response. You are right - their CS is a black hole. As far as Albies....I used the Mac'n'Cheese and it doubled, self checkout, but the gal was busy with another customer so she didnt realize they all scanned and doubled. A friend of mine in Queen Creek did not get such luck - they did the same to her as they did to you. I rarely, and I mean, rarely shop at Albies, it's much hassle, and they are SO unfriendly with coupons. For a store that lacks business anyways you'd think they'd want your business.......

Sorry you had this trouble. Glad to know I'm not the only one. If I were you I'd call the Catalina Company for Safeway and get your's the least they can do for you. Don't let them get the best of you :)

Eve May 6, 2010 at 8:51 PM  

KC, Albies gave me an issue using the $1 off Q's for the Marcel paper towels. The cashier told me that the coupon states one limit per person, in which it did turn out that is what the Q says, I was like okay, np.. then he said and I can't do seperate Transactions, heck I wasn't even going to go there with that one. I just looked at him and said I'll go elsewhere, since the MQ company reinburse the Grocery store. And left it at that, then he continues to read my q's over OMG!! But I was quiet didn't say anything the rest of the q's were scanned, and he Initialed all of them.

So I was like whew I'm done here next stop is SW. I only needed to get a Gallon of Milk and was going to do the Buy one get one Free Oreo cookies. Get in line and the Q beeped, the cashier stepped away and came back and said "We can't accept this Q" I was like y? "Because we won't get paid" I was like r u for real? I'm purchasing 1 gallon of Milk and a pack of cookies and getting the other pk. of cookies free. ugh... I couldn't dispute with her cause in the SW Policy it does say if an internet printable doesn't scan they will not accept it. Okay!! now here's the problem I've had issues with MQ's not scanning along with IPQ's but all this is telling me is there is a flaw in the scanning system and we have to suffer because they make a policy stating they will not take the IPQ if it doesn't scan, so now it's a bad coupon WTH!! get real and update ur old aXX systems ughh... In the end I dropped everything and said I'll checkout elsewhere TYVM and have a nice day. I know it was the cashier, the cashiers I normally go through wasn't there and I ended up with someone who just didn't want to K1 the Q. Yep!! this was a distressful shopping day and to have my 2 year old with wasn't making the trips easy. I guess we will have those day when we run into some pain in the arse cashiers. Okay, sry.. I just had to vent a rant.

I hear you KC, maybe the next few trips will be easy :)

Beth May 6, 2010 at 9:23 PM  

Albertsons is a huge frustration. I have had similar issues with coupons not doubling properly when advertised (even when the coupon was NOT a DND). My husband and I (he coupons with me - YEAH!) have a safeway that we avoid, there is always an issue with said store and we were actually called fraudulent for trying to use a legitimate MQ. I still think the easiest store to use coupons in is Fry's... my only complaint there is that my luck with ecoupons even from the fry's website is very hit or miss.

Marion May 6, 2010 at 10:30 PM  

I had the same thing happen to me at my Safeway. The cashier doesn't even bother looking at my 4 coupons for the windex and states " I can only take 3 of the same coupons." Meanwhile checking with the manager, while I ramble how my 4 coupons are not all identical. That actually 1 is for the multi-surface, 1 is a small either or , and 2 are for the regular windex. Ughh! To which she ignored my comment and rang up my purchases anyway! I was confused by this also.??? Is this something new ??

KM May 7, 2010 at 10:46 AM  

KC- I have serious issues EVERYTIME I go to Albie's. There is a reason I go 3-4 months without setting foot in one - I am reminded each time I return why I waited so long to come back. I'm with you, I honestly feel bad for the cashiers. They're like deer in the headlights and are terrified when I pull out coupons. I'm so sorry you had back to back sucky runs. That just means AWESOME deals are coming your way!

Renee Richins May 7, 2010 at 3:01 PM  

Oh dear. So sorry about your horrible shopping experience. Some days are good and some days are just bad aren't they? I usually have a day every now and then where every store I go to I have a problem with using my coupons.

I DESPISE Albertson's. DESPISE. :) I rarely shop there as it is farther from me, but I went last week mainly for the free macaroni and toilet paper. I got the tortillas that would be free and some Old El Paso stuff plus macaroni, and of course the toilet paper. I don't understand why Marcal had to put 1 per person on that coupon. Anyway, I thought I picked out the right cashier, after all he was a young guy, who fit the profile of a easy going cashier. He was also the ONLY cashier. Anyway, he suppressed all my doubles, only allowed me to use one of each Marcal coupon and then gave me back the $2 one saying he was not allowed to adjust it down. I said I had gotten one adjusted the other day just fine, which I had, but nope he wouldn't do it. I asked him to take off everything that wouldn't be doubled, since I could take those coupons to Fry's and Safeway and get them for free, which I did. :)Then, while trying to void all my coupons the register freaked out and he ended up having to void the whole thing and start over. All while my son is crying, my daughter is pouting, and my brother is wondering why he came with me in the first place. That didn't leave me with very much groceries to buy, but man I was ticked. I think I'll continue to avoid Albertson's for.... Forever!

Thanks for letting me vent on your blog. I know you and your readers would understand.

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