Swim Lessons!

>> May 26, 2010

Q had his 1st swim lesson yesterday! And he did fabulous! Lucky for us the screaming kid that didn't want to be there was his classmate and not him. I tried to get some good pictures of him in the water, but the parents HAVE to stay behind the wrought iron pool fence which did block the camera view well.

While I would love the opportunity to take better pics, there is a blessing in that Q is working with just the teacher and not hanging on to me!

He was a bit shy when we arrived (late of course) and had to just jump right in. And I think the screaming toddler next to him startled him a bit, but he got over it pretty quick.

I fully expect him to be say "Don't Cry Nate" and "It's OK Nate" on Thursday. He is constantly trying to reassure E at home, so I am sure he will apply it to other crying kiddos too!

We were filmed for Channel 4 (KVOA), I am guessing we will be on the news in the next few days. So if you see a Kristi's Kids segment on the news, it might be us!

If you live here in Tucson and have kiddos that could use swim lesson, go here and enter!!

Oh and they are giving away life vests AND pool fences too!!


Precious May 26, 2010 at 1:00 PM  

I am so glad that you are getting him swim lessons. We had pools almost our entire married life until we moved here. My boys could swim from the time they were little. The number of drownings out in AZ could be reduced if people would just get swimming lessons for their kids and then watch them around water.

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