Target and Circle K: $0 OOP!

>> May 25, 2010

Hopefully you stopped and picked up your free bananas yesterday through the new Dbacks promo. They are offering a new Q after each home game, so we should see a new Q on June 4th!

We also spent some time exploring Target (I had an RX to drop off.. so we had a legitimate reason to look around)!

I found the cutest set for E, $3.74 (75% off) for the 3-piece set. It includes a super cute rocket onsie, hoodie jacket and pants. I was tempted to buy both sizes they had, but restrained myself and only bought the 18 month one.

I also grabbed a bottle of hershey's syrup to use to dip sliced frozen nanas in!

Then I used the last of my 3 $5 Target GC wyb venus razor Qs.

Basically the overage paid for the outfit and hersheys!

1 18 month outfit (75% off) $3.74
1 Hershey's syrup $1.47
6 Venus Razors $3.48- $2 MQ = $1.48 each
(3) $5 Target GC - free TQ wyb venus razors = free
Total $14.87 on a target gift card

(But of course I received another $15 in gift cards, so the order was a wash!)

Now to be honest I really don't need the razors right now.. but they are compact and a decent seller at yard sales. I am hoping to stock up on a few good sellers and make some money for our Disneyland Trip. Our goal is to pay entirely for our trip without using "regular/budget" funds.

I am hoping to find a friend/family member having a yard sale in the fall that I can set up a small table of stuff. So I will hold these to sell at a yard sale for $1 each (cheap, but I want an easy sale). That is another $10 towards our disney trip!


Arizona Savings May 25, 2010 at 8:35 AM  

How long is the razor deal at Target going on? I want in on it! :)

kc May 25, 2010 at 9:03 AM  

Well the razors are in the bulk section.. marked down 30% off, so they are only $3.48... No real end date other than finding the razors and having the $5 target gift card Q.. which was in the Phoenix paper and the $2 venus Q (which everyone should have). Does that help?


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