What does potty training and an IPad have in common?

>> May 16, 2010

What does potty training and an IPad have in common?

Well not much for most people! However these are 2 big things happening in our household and they came together in a recent trip to Big Lots.

My dad gave both me and my brother an IPad for our birthdays.... Yes we can be spoiled at times.. although to be fair, my dad loves the latest and news tech gadgets, AND we didn't ask for them. He decided since he was buying himself the newest 3G version of the IPad he should buy us the regular ones.

We are so loving it in the DDD house! My laptop is a huge machine, heavy and meant to be more like a personal computer (another gift from my dad 2 years ago). The IPad is SOOOOO lightweight and fun to use. Checking email from my several accounts is easy and we are just getting into finding cool "Apps" to install. Plus now we can both be on the Internet in the living room (one on the IPad and one on the laptop!) Anyway... so my brother had found a great little case for his IPad at Big Lots for only $7.99! Its just a little netbook case, but the IPad fits great and you can't beat the price! Stevie checked out several places and prices and this was the best! I love getting a deal when I don't have to do the leg work!!

Any great Apps you guys would recommend?? Coupon/deal Apps? Other fun Apps??

The 2nd big thing... is we are about to attempt Cold Turkey Potty Training with Quinn!

We bought some fun big boy undies.. but I am gonna start the first few days with these super cheap hanes since I anticipate lots of accidents. There is a 3-day method that I am hoping with work for us. I almost started today.. but I don't think I have a good plan put together yet... Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


Kim May 17, 2010 at 9:04 AM  

I don't have any advice, but good luck! My daughter will be 2 in August and I am definitely not looking forward to the potty training stage. I will be watching to see what you end up doing. Good luck!

mb May 17, 2010 at 4:50 PM  

Good luck w/ the 3 day potty training! Didn't work for us. I think we're aiming for 3 months... Just as long as it's not 3 years!!

Carolyn,  May 18, 2010 at 5:07 PM  

First you need to make sure he is comfortable and excited about sitting on the potty before you start, cause if he won't sit you are just going to get frustrated. If he is willing to sit for an extended about of time then go for it. With my daughter she asked to sit on the potty a lot and so I knew she was ready. I took a day and made sure I was armed with patience, lots of underwear and clean up materials. I put her in underwear and asked her if she needed to go potty every 15 min and had her drink liquid, when she started to go I would run her into the bathroom and have her sit so she could go. We did it on and off for a couple of weeks depending on how the day was going but I would still have her sit before she went to sleep and when she woke up even if she had a diaper on. I wanted her to get in the habit of going in the potty not her diaper. It did not take her very long to figure it out. We started in October and she was potty trained by December except for night times that took a little longer cause she was only 20 months by then and her bladder wasn't large enough to hold it all night long. I, like you, had my son in September when she started wanting to sit on the potty. Now my son who is 20 months old is practicing sitting so that way when he is ready he will be ok with sitting. But we are wating until baby #3 due in June is born to really push him to go and do the whole undearwear during the day. Good luck and when he does go have him call everyone to let them know and I know this wierd but when I would take my daughter to my parents she would show them how she would go and they would praise her so much that she thought she was so special- that really helped.

kc May 20, 2010 at 6:45 PM  

Thanks for the encouragement guys. I am sure I will post something about the process... when we start. I am looking for a couple good days to start when we can avoid going out and such.....

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