Goodbye Everyone....

>> June 30, 2010

Ok it's a short goodbye :-) Goodbye until you join me over at Desert Deals Diva's new location!!

This has been a work in progress for awhile and I figure July 1 is a great day to make the conversion.

Please update your bookmarks, blogrolls, buttons, etc with the new address!!

See ya over at the new site!


My Old Navy Score!!! 30% off + 50% off = 65% off!!

I bought so much stuff that I had to take 2 pictures of it!!

Ok so I mentioned winning a $50 off $100 Old Navy Q last week from Thrifty Canucks! It was perfect timing because they were also doing their 30% off EVERYTHING in store sale! That is 30% all regular and clearance prices!

I ended up returning 2 pairs of pants and a dress from my last trip and received $62.37 back. I ended up buying everything above for $49.79!! So i left with $12.58 in my pocket!

This includes 4 shirts and a hip skirt for Mommy! (not even on clearance, blasphemy I know!)

Plus 6 shirts and a pair of PJs for Q and 2 onsies and a MATCHING pair of PJs for E. Most of the boys stuff was clearanced stuff, although not the swim shirts for Quinn.

15 items for about $3 each + tax! I love my shirts and skirts, it can be easy to find stuff when you aren't hunting on the clearance racks, which is my usual mode of operation.

However it can be hard to come with $100 in stuff all on clearance unless you have tons of time to dig! As it was, I spent a good deal of time in the boys section and hustled through the women's stuff and it still took me an hour!

Plus because of the extra 30% off deal, I actually had to come up with $100 worth of stuff AFTER they took off 30% off! I ended up saving about 65% off the marked prices and that doesn't even factor in the savings I was already getting on the clearance items!!

Or you can look at it this way.. all of my stuff was full price, shirts were $15 times 4 + a skirt $25.. so I spent $85 on me alone! I paid only 1/2 of that and scored all the boys stuff.

I seriously love these Old Navy deals, although I have to admit they spoil me rotten. I have the HARDEST time going in there and buying anything full price, without a coupon!


Giveaway Winner 18X24 Wall Graphic!

The winner is Holly with her comment

"I think it would be the picture I took of Nate's awesome chalk drawing at our old house before the rain washed it away!"

I will be emailing your Holly!

Stay tuned, I have another fun giveaway coming up soon, along with a big blog change!!


Cheap Swimmers! CVS 6/29 Run

>> June 29, 2010

I had to get over to CVS today to snag some more Swimmers for Q. We have gone through a lot more than previous summers because of his swim lessons, so I didn't have enough on hand.
I wanted to use the BOGO stay free and M&M sale and coupons to build my order up over $20 with the swimmers, so I could use a $4/20 CVS Q.

2 Stay Free $6.99 BOGO Sale- BOGO MQ= free
2 Huggies Swimmers $7.99 each - $2 MQ- $2 CRT= $3.99 each
2 M&M Pretzels $0.89 each BOGO Sale- BOGO MQ= free
Total $5.72 on a gift card

Not a bad run. The stay free was a lot higher than I thought. I didn't see the actual price of this until I looked at my receipt at home. I just looked for one that was BOGO and grabbed them.

I was pretty happy to snag 2 packages of swimmers for less than the sale price WITH tax. Luckily I also had $ on my CVS gift card to use as well. My coupons are a little disorganized at home right now and I didn't have time to search for my ECBS before we left for the day.


A Day Late and $15 Short!!!

Procrastination can be costly! In my case I have procrastinated on a rebate and a deal run recently and the result was a loss of $15 between the two.

First was the Coors Rebate... I planned on the doing the coors light rebate on the left, receive $15 wyb $30 + snacks, soda, water, etc (and of course beer). The great thing about this rebate.. was I found a good price for the required beer and then dug through my receipts and already had PLENTY of receipts to use for the $30+ in snacks, soda, water, etc. So there really was no additional purchase necessary for me. We had already bought all the stuff and I was going to buy the beer anyway.... $15 bonus money for our trip!! Cha Ching!!

The beer sale was at Albies and I meant to get it over the weekend... I didn't and bought it on a Monday instead. Guess what... the rebate period ended on that Sunday. UGH..

So I found a new rebate for $6 back with a beer purchase, so I CAN still submit that, but that is a LOSS of $9!!! Bummer!

I haven't submitted it yet, I keep hoping a new (& BETTER) rebate will come out with dates that overlap with my beer purchase.

Then on to my Albies Deal from Sunday... Here are my order details:

4 Frescetta Pizzas $3.88 (with store Q)- $1 IP = $2.88 each
7 Flipz $1 each - $0.50 MQ= free
3 Simply Potatoes $1 each - $0.55 MQ= free
1 Albies French Bread $1.50- CRT suvey freebie Q= free
12 Arrowhead Sparking Waters $0.50 each
10 Yoplait yogurts $0.38 each - $0.50 MQ= $1.80 each
1 4-Lb Strawberries container $3.88
5 Marcal Paper Towels $1 - $1 MQ= free
6 cheapie bean and cheese burritos 3 for $1
2 Albies Meat $2.99 each
Sara Lee Bread $2.49
-$13 in CATS
Total $21.94 OOP + Earned (4) $2 Cats (arrowhead)

Ok not a bad run, some nice freebies in there, cheap pizzas, and a some necessities: meat, bread, strawberries and yogurt.

I did however miss out on saving another $6 on this order because I had MQs to make the arrowhead water TOTALLY free, but the coupons had expired the DAY before.

So I couldn't use them. I paid $6 for the water (which we don't drink and will be donated). I still bought them because I knew I was earning $8 in CATs, so it was a still MM (money maker) to buy them. But I was sooo bummed to see I could have saved another $6 off my order and made my water purchase a $8 MM instead of a $2 MM if I had just paid closer attention to the expiration date!!

UGH... It happens to everyone and I am trying not to beat myself up over it, but what a bummer!! Watch those expiration dates!!!

Have you missed out on a great deal because of procrastination lately??


Fun Groupon Today: Tucson- Horseback Ride!

Tucson Groupon :$25 for a Sunset Sonoran Desert Horseback Ride from Spanish Trail Outfitters ($50 Value)

The Fine Print
Expires Dec 30, 2010
Limit 1 per person, may buy multiple as gifts. Reservation required.
See the rules that apply to all deals.

•Great for first-timers
•Friendly, experienced teachers
•Gorgeous sunset views
•Explore varied terrain

This looks fun! I have only been horseback riding once and it was in the Catalinas then too! It was a birthday adventure for me and a friend when I was like 17? It might be fun to try again... although I might wait until later this year to schedule it. It is DANG hot out there right now!!



Last chance to enter my giveaway!!


Mommy Mini Tasks 6/28

>> June 28, 2010

So last week I started a new blog series called Mommy Mini Tasks. I am hoping Mommy Mini Tasks will hold me more accountable each week to getting some extra stuff accomplished. I find it easy to waste away time searching for the latest cool deal online. Who in their right mind does that???

I am a compulsive list maker. I have them everywhere because I am constantly rewriting them. I love crossing things off my list (it feels good!), but some tasks take FOREVER to get done. This list is more public and I will feel silly listing the same task up on the blog week after week, clearly procrastinating.

Ok so here we go. It's week 2 and I crossed off 3 of the 6 items last week, and really I did 4, but I am waiting for a return call from the preschool. I am going to start this week's list with the incomplete tasks from last week and add a few more.

  1. Send out baby announcements for E.
  2. Sort/Org HBA closet and make donation run to the nearby food pantry
  3. Sort/Clean Out shirts in my closet! <--- I have a few new ones to add from my recent Old Navy Run!
  4. Set up an appointment (hopefully for this week) to see another preschool for Quinn <---- Again I am waiting for a call back.. although I might call again.
  5. Finish Shopping & Packing Prep for 4th July Trip

Ok this is a shorter list and couple things aren't HUGE tasks, but it is also a shorter week for me. We hope to leave for our family mountain adventure Thursday evening, which means we will be hustling on Wednesday to get ready. And we still have swim lessons and a dentist appointment on Tuesday for Q!

Anyway, do you find yourself with the same tasks on your to do list all the time. Things you clearly need to do, but easily push off in favor of other things??


Why I reccomend buying the Phoenix paper....

I didn't find these 2 coupons in the Tucson paper yesterday, only in the Phoenix (Arizona Republic). These are a great example of the good coupons that we miss out in Tucson. Now maybe you don't care about Stay free or M&M's (Seriously who doesn't NEED M&Ms?), but these coupons are just the tip of the iceberg. I would guess Tucson only gets about 1/3 of the "good" coupons.

Both of these coupons should give you 2 freebies at CVS this week. Both Mars (M&Ms) and Stayfree are BOGO on sale this week. Combine this with the BOGO coupon and you get 2 free!! If you don't use these products, you can always give them away to friends/family or donate them.

Plus if you happen to have a nice $3/15 or $4/20 CVS coupon, these products are a great way to bring up your purchase total allowing you to use the nice $4/20 Q!

Here is an example of how this could work for you if you had 2 sets of these Qs:

4 Stay Free Products $4.49 each - BOGO Sale- (2) BOGO MQs= free
4 M&Ms $0.89 each - BOGO Sale - (2) BOGO MQs= free

Your subtotal will be $10.76.
Now you can add $9.24 in other items... and your subtotal will be $20!
Use your $4/20 CVS Q and your MQs
You will only pay $5.24 + tax for your order!

This is one way I use freebie Qs or BOGO Qs to my advantage even if I won't use the product. I then just throw the product in my donate pile! The Qs help me lower my overall bill+ I get to donate more stuff to people that need it!

Win Win!!

So I rambled a little off topic here.. but back to the original intent of this post. The Phoenix paper is almost always much better for coupons! I get 5 copies of it each week!


Winner Winner Turkey Dinner!

So I had some fun, exciting news to share from last week. I won 2 (TWO) blog contests last week! I expect one more win... because good things happen in threes. right???

Anyway, here is what I won:

  1. (5) $2 Pampers Wipes Qs from WildforWags! Thanks Christie!!! If you don't need baby wipes, then you may not be excited by this win... but this is a hot Q! Basically worth a free package of wipes!!
  2. I also won a $50 off $100 Old Navy Q from Thrifty Canucks! Thanks guys!! I already used it... Hopefully I will share my score with you guys some time today! I really made out with their current 30% off EVERYTHING in the store sale + the "50%" off Q!
  3. ???

Ok who wants to make me a winner TIMES three? I only need one more!!


Speaking of winning.. don't forget my 18X24 Wall Graphic Giveaway ends tomorrow!! These are fun for decorating! If you have a great picture you would love up on the wall. This is a huge peel and stick poster that you can reposition! Check out this link for more information about it!


My Target Deals & A Question...

>> June 26, 2010

So I managed to do one Old Spice Deal this week, an honestly I am not really sure we need more than 6 HUGE bottles of men's body wash anyway. Especially since I am sure I have several bottles still in the stockpile...

I was excited to find some of the $5 Schick Hydro Target Qs in my Phoenix newspaper inserts (bummer that Tucson didn't' get them). This helped create some overage to pay for part of my orders.

It looks like the Baby and Toy clearance is starting to gear up. I saw quite a bit of clearance in both departments (more than normal). So keep that in mind if you are in the market for either type of product. It is always good to cruise by those sections and see what is being marked down!

Speaking of cruising by departments... I found some Toddler Underwear marked down 75% off! Yah! Perfect for potty training... you can never have too many pairs! It was 7 pairs for $2.48!! I only snagged one package because they only had one boys kind, in the right size.

Here are the details.

Order #1
Elmo Toddler Undies $2.48
2 Schick Hydro $6.99- $4 TQ-$5 MQ= $2.01 overage each
6 Old Spice Body Washes $3.99 each - BOGO MQs - $1/2 MQ- $1 TQ (peelies)= 7.97 for all 6

Total $8.38 on a gift card
Earned $10 in gift cards for the Old Spice purchases


Order #2
I bought:
2 Shick Hydro Razors $6.99 each
3 Toy Story Cars $2.99 each (potty training prizes)
2 Act Popcorn $1 each ($ spot)
2 Vanish Toilet Bowl Drop Ins $2.14

I used:
$5 Shick MQ, $4 Schick TQ, $1/2 ACT IP, BOGO Vanish IP

Total $7.51 on a gift card!

I am pretty happy with my 2nd order. I used the overage on the razors towards my other purchases and I ended up with a total $1.50 + tax less than I would have paid for the 3 toy story cars!

Ok now a question for you. I have two different formats above for my transactions. Which one do you like better? I usually post with the 1st format, with the coupons next to the item. However I have seen some other ways to post transactions and was wanting to try out another format where I list the coupons below all of my purchases. What do you think?


A couple of interesting Groupons...

>> June 25, 2010

I noticed a couple of interesting Groupons...

Phoenix: $10 Admission to Kids Night Out at Arizona Sunrays Gymnastics and Dance ($25 Value). This one is good until Saturday at midnight (then a new deal will replace it!)

(its the side deal, meaning you will see the link on the right hand side of the screen once you get to the Phoenix page).

Orange County: $20 for a Two-Hour Surfboard, Stand-Up Paddleboard, or Boogie-Board Rental from Newport Fun Tours ($40 Value)

San Diego: $125 for a One-Hour Flight Lesson at Coast Flight Training ($265 Value)

+ San Diego (side deal): $10 for $25 Worth of Nuts, Dried Fruit, and More at Nutty Guys

Basically once you click the link to go to the groupon website, it will show you one deal. You can change the city (link at the top of screen) to see what other groupons are available. Plus if you enter your email at the top of the screen you can sign up for groupon updates and get a daily email with the new groupon deal!

I get the Phoenix and Tucson groupon deals emailed to me, I also go online and check out other cities that we might be traveling too. In fact, we have a last minute trip planned to San Diego coming up at the end of July. Hopefully a fun groupon that will work for us pops up! Now I wish I had snagged the Belmont Park groupon a couple months ago.. I just didn't know if we would make it to San Diego before it expired, so I decided against buying it.


Exactly 6 months until Christmas, are you working on your Swagbucks account?

I have been neglecting my Swagbucks account lately, but Fridays are the best day to get back to it! It is Mega Swag Buck Day, so you are more likely to win a larger amount today!

So start searching and earning!! If you haven't joined, its a free and easy rewards program online to earn "Swagbucks". Swagbucks can be redeemed for various prizes, including gift cards. The best "bang for your buck" is a $5 Amazon gift card! I am working on earning as many as possible to help with Christmas presents! It's already June 25th! There is only 6 months left until Christmas. I like to save the amazon gift cards for last minute Christmas gifts or to use throughout the year when GREAT amazon deals pop up.

There are many ways to earn Swagbucks, but the easiest is to just use their search engine (instead of say GOOGLE). :-)


Wags: $2.24 net cost = a couple necessities!

Here are a couple more WAGS order for this week.. not sure if I will make it there again. I love the Gillette deal for a great MM deal. However I have only found 2 stores with the travel size and I took the ONLY one at one of those store...

Anyway this is what I did.

Order #1
1 Gillette Body Wash $4.49
1 Gillette Travel Body Wash $0.99
-$4/2 MQ
Total $1.98 OOP, earned $4.50 RR (Gillette)

Order #2
2 Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaners $2.99 BOGO sale - $1/2 MQ = $1.99 for both!
1 Neutragena pure and free baby sunscreen $11.99 - $2 MQ
2 Neutragena soaps $2.69 - $1.50 MQ= $1.19 each (*not pictured)
7 Reeses 8-packs $0.99 each with ad Q
-$20 RR
Total $3.14 OOP
Earned $10 RR (neutragena), $5 (hersheys) RR, $1(lysol) RR

Order #3
3 Neutragena Soaps $2.01 each (with raincheck)- $1.50 MQ= $0.51 each
1 Wags children's Ibuprofen $5.29
-$6 RR
Total $1.62 OOP
Earned $10 RR (neutragena).
Overall a couple fairly good runs! I was happy to snag the medicine for Quinn, we were down to one bottle because of the tylenol recall, plus more of the nice neutragena baby sunscreen is also a score. I plan on sending in for a Bud Light Rebate $20 back wyb $20+ in summer stuff (including suncreen) and of course you have to buy the beer. However, we do buy beer to keep Peter happy, and so the rebates are just a bonus for us! (Or should I say a bonus for our Disney fund!!) I have already spent the $20 needed between this sunscreen purchase and the one from last Saturday!
Plus we were down to 1 bottle of toilet bowl cleaner, so $0.50 each (after RR) is a great price and all the reeses are going with us to the mountains for our big family trip!
** and I was missing the 2 bars of soap in my 1st order because I gave them to my cashier who was SOOOOO thrilled and thankful. I was almost embarrassed, heck she was doing me a favor, because really I am donating most of the soap anyway. It is nice to be appreciated! I don't usually get to see that since I donate to the church pantry place. ***
Am I missing any other smoking deals at Walgreens this week? I need to keep those Register Rewards Rolling or spend them in a practical manner!


CVS: A Free Box of Diapers for me!!

In case you were aware of the Diaper Deal this week at CVS.. I thought I would post a little bit about it before I share my deals.

A Box of Huggies Diapers is on sale for $19.99 this week with a $10 ECB back! No work involved, you can just get the diapers for half price (after ECB). (Limit one offer per card)

If you already have ECBS to roll or MQs to use, it makes it an EVEN better deal!!! There have been $3 IPs (I don't see one now.. but if you already printed it, you can use it now!), or a home mailer Q! Plus if you have any CVS Qs, like a $4/20, you just need to had a tiny filler to get it up over the $20 mark!

This sale ends tomorrow (saturday) so get over there! Oh and if the size you want is out of stock, be sure to snag a rain check. CVS rainchecks never expire, so you can hold on to it until they restock, you need diapers and/or you have a MQ to use!!

On to my FABULOSO deals!!

My Card:

Box of size 4 Huggies Diapers $19.99- $3 CRT - $3 IP =$13.99

4 Wheat Things (with rain check) $1 each - $1 IP= free

2 Colgate Total Toothpastes $2.77- $1 MQs - $1 CVS CRT = $1.27 each

1 pack cvs antibacterial hand wipes $1.79 - free email Q

4 cars for Quinn for potty prizes, on clearance for $0.99 each (they hoods OPEN!!!) :-)

-$5/30 CVS Q <---- Recycle Bank Reward

-$10 ECBS

Total $7.28 on a gift card

Earned $10 ECB (Diapers) + $4 (Colgate)

Net cost of order = $3.28 <---- that is less than the cost of the 4 cars on clearance!!! The diapers were free for me!!

I decided to use my mom's card for this deal as well. Super cheap diapers are always a must have!!

1 box Huggies diapers $19.99 - $3 IP = $16.99

1 Rainblow bubble gum $0.45 (filler to bump up to $20+ from the clearance section)

-$4/20 CVS Q <--- from Recycle Bank

-$10 ECB

Total $4.37 on a gift card, earned $10 ECB (Huggies)

So net cost for this order was $4.37!

Plus I netted a raincheck for the Huggies deal because they didn't have the size I wanted!!! I will save that to pair with some great Qs. Maybe another CVS CRT Q + MQ!!

Did anyone else take advantage of this great diaper deal?


NOT Hot Save $30 off $60 at!!

>> June 24, 2010

Bummer they canceled both of my orders, claiming the stuff was out of stock. I am guessing the double promo was overwhelmed with lots of deal seekers... so they aren't fulfilling them???

Here is a pretty hot deal for
Place one order for $30 and save $10 with free shipping on many items. Earn a $10 Account credit, then place another $30 order with the $10 coupon and $10 credit with free shipping...

1st order
-$10 coupon

2nd order
-$10 coupon
-$10 credit

So between the 2 orders, you get $60 for only $30 OOP!

Thanks to SDNYC at Slickdeals!!

Follow these steps!!

1) Order $30 worth of stuff through THIS LINK!!
2) Use coupon code SUNNYDEAL when you check out to save $10 off $30. You can pick free shipping items to save EVEN more $!
3)As soon as you place your order, you will receive an email from walgreens, with your $10 credit in it.
4) Go back and place a 2nd order using the link in the email, and if you add $30 worth of stuff again, you can use $10 credit and also use the same code SUNNYDEAL to save another $10!

Fantastic deal!
My two orders show this...
1st order
Less Promotion Savings:- $10.00
Number of items in this shipment:3
Amount to be charged:$21.25

2nd order
Less Promotion Savings:- $10.00
Number of items in this shipment:2
Amount to be charged:$16.31

This deal is supposed to work through tomorrow, but it is now on the front page of SD, so it could die a quick death!!


I found the free juice at Safeway!!!

Success at Safeway! I found the Minute Maid Juice Drinks! $0.99 each - $1 Tearpad Qs.. = free for me.. actually the sale price didn't ring through the register right away.. and luckily I anticipated this, so I threw a tiny bag of trail mix up there too for $0.79... and I paid $0.72 OOP for it.. with the $0.01 overage on each juice drink. Oh yeah the trail mix isn't in the picture... I was hungry and when I stopped at Circle K for my free thirst buster and hot dog, they were all out of hot dogs. So the trail mix was my replacement...

The sale price is good until early August, so there is definitely time to snag these.

On a slightly sad note, I couldn't find any of the JUNE booklets at this store (my yucky store, but one that I can usually find Qs at) nor anymore dairy booklets. I want to snag some $0.50 cream cheese bars this week.. hopefully my fave store still has the Dairy Books when I get back over there. They had some a few days ago.. and I didn't think to snag any, I am keeping my fingers crossed that the "masses" keep ignoring the display!!


Fun MM trip at Albies $0.42 OOP = $9 CATS

Wowzers what a great albies trip and no real* issues. I was out running a couple of quick errands and this was my last stop, so I needed to be quick. I decided to just get the freebie/MM for now and go back later for some other good deals. Oh and Albies is doubling/tripling/Quadrupling right now..

Order #1
3 Marcal Paper Towels $1 - $1 MQ= free
3 Butterball Bacon $1 - $0.75 MQ = free
3 Flipz $1- $0.50 MQ= free
6 Arrowhead sparking water $0.50 each - $0.75/2 MQ= free
YUP IT WAS ALL FREE... except the darn tax!
Total $0.21 OOP
Earned 2 $2 CATs (arrowhead) and $1 CAT(butterball)

Order #2.. exact same but I only bought 2 bacons.. (only had 5 MQs), same total and only received 2 $2 CATs (arrowhead).

So it looks like 3 arrowheads = $2 CAT and 3 Butterball = $1 CAT!

So a couple of things to note, first the $0.75 Arrowhead MQs, scanned and said exceeds value. So they must be programmed for one arrowhead and not 2.. so the cash register thinks I am trying to use a $0.75 MQ on a $0.50 item. I explained that and they sort of started at me clueless-ly, before double checking the prices (in case I was lying??) and then forcing them through.. and adding on the doubling amount! So I didn't even have to fight for that!

Bigger thing to note, the store manager wrung me up and he was SOOOO clueless about coupons... when he scanned the arrowhead Q and it gave me the "exceed" message, he looked like a "deer in the headlights" and called up another manager... who then ended up resolving the issue. He was a nice guy, but I seriously don't understand how a store manager has NO CLUE about coupons and possible issues with them. He was surprised and happy with the CATS "wow look at what you got"... So bizarre to me....

Anyway, it was nice to have a positive experience.. I just wish the arrowhead Qs would scan right.. cause I wanted to get more (how can you pass up a MM), it looks good like a slightly flavored water with no calories... However, I hate dealing with overrides at the register. UGH!


More Giveaways!!

>> June 23, 2010

Here are some fun blog giveaways to enter!!

And of course my giveaway!!

Adding another great one!!!
Another Great one!!


Circle K: Free Bananas Again!

The coupon is up for free bananas again! It was actually for free coffee and a sweet treat when I went to bed last night, but changed in the middle of the night to the free banana Q.

I totally prefer the banana Q, and in fact I was keeping my fingers crossed that the free banana Q would show up again soon. I only bought 2 nanas at Safeway yesterday in hopes that I would be getting 3 lbs for free at Circle K.

Oh and some lucky folks might have printed the $5 free lunch Q last night, I guess that Q was up for a short time before switching to the free coffee/sweet treat one. I was out shopping so I didn't actually see it. However, I do want to point out to you that you need to print out the coupon as soon as you see one that you want to use... because it's hard to tell how long it will be there and what coupon it might change too!

And if you need a idea for you free bananas.. check out my post here!


Safeway Questions...

I totally spaced it last night when I was typing up my post. But I have a few questions for AZ readers....

I tried to find the Minute Maid Enhanced Juice for $0.99, but with no success... Where in the store have you seen it? I was hoping to use some $1 qs I had.... I looked in the coolers at checkout, and also the juice aisle and the soda/energy drink aisle.

Also where have you found the June coupon booklet that has nivea shaving cream Qs in it, besides the pharmacy. My fave store doesn't have a pharmacy, and I am not sure I will venture to another store soon, so I am hoping to brainstorm other ideas on where to find it. I did look (generally) down the aisle and also at customer service. However I NEVER find coupon books sitting at the customer service desk.



UGH $0.99 diapers instead of $1.01 in overage!!!!

>> June 22, 2010

Seriously... I had a good run.. but just now analyzing my receipt.. I realized that I am an idiot and totally spaced the diapers ad coupon! UGH!!!!

Here is my order
Huggies Diapers $9.99 (should have been $7.99 with ad Q) - (2) $3 eQs - $3 IP = $0.99 (seriously overage on diapers would have been awesome)!
10 packs dentyne gum $1 each - $1 MQ= free
1 Philadelphia Cream Cheese $1.99 - free mQ= free
6 pints blueberries $0.99 each
10 bags lucerne cheese $1.49 each - $0.55 IPs= $0.49 each
Snapple 6-pack $6.39 (will submit for a rebate)
2 3-musketeers $0.89 each - $0.25 MQ= free
10 mini lucerne cream cheeses $0.49 each - $1/2 Safeway Qs (dairy booklet) = $0.01 overage each
bananas $0.35
-$2 OYNO Q
-$10 Walgreens RR
Total $7.18 on a gift card

Ok.. so 1st thing I seriously still can't believe I forgot the ad Q for the diapers. Ugh. And I don't even have an ad at home to save and take back in for a refund. I doubt they will still have an ad when I get back over there.

2nd I thought there might be some crazy eQ for the snapple, but nothing came off. However there is a try me free rebate offer, so I will send my receipt in for a refund of $6.39.

After my order was totalled I asked about using the Walgreens RR. And the cashier said they do take other store's MQs. Walgreens RRs are MQs.. so she had no problem letting me use it!


The tax on toothbrushes = free meat!!

I used my $12 OYNO Qs from the Reach Toothbrushes to load up on some chicken and turkey!
4 sour creams $1 each
3 cottage cheeses $1 each
1 Kroger pretzels $1.50
3 musketeers bar $0.79 - $0.25 MQ= free
2 Sunny D $1 each - $0.35 MQ=free
Turkey breast bone-in (marked down) $3.86
Boneless Chicken tenders $7.31
-$12 OYNO
Total $7.67 OOP
So my meat wasn't exactly free.. I did pay $1.08 in tax to "earn" the $12 in RR. So technically my chicken & turkey cost me $1.08 last weekend!


Free Sub @ Circle K 6/22

Seriously is anyone else out there excited about Dbacks home games now because of the Circle K promo. Peter flipped back to the game a couple of times last night, and I was hoping to see the coupon change with respect to the number of strike outs.

I still haven't figured out what how many strike outs = what coupon. But for the record, there were 2 strikeouts last night and today the coupon is for....

A Free Take Away Cafe Deli Sandwich (up to $4.99)!

I sent Peter to work today with a couple coupons, so he could pass them out to some work buddies!

Anyway....remember the coupons should be available on their website until midnight the day after the game or the start of the next home game (whichever is sooner).

So we should get a new coupon tonight! I am hoping we the free bag of bananas next!

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