Pink is the NEW black!

>> June 21, 2010

They say pink is the new black, right? So that makes this Bumbo "black" and completely appropriate for my little guy!!

Of course he is so pretty, we can just pretend he is my little girl too! :-)

Ha Ha! Peter would probably not appreciate that comment.

Anyway, that picture represents a savings of $20-$40 for me!

One of my best friends is actually letting us borrow this bumbo for E. A bumbo has been on my shopping list for a few months. I have been watching Twice As Nice, Rock'n Babies and Craigslist, hoping to find a smokin' deal on one.

I mentioned my search to Lee one day and she said we could just borrow hers instead. Her little guy had just out grown it! It was actually her nieces' bumbo, both little girls used it.. so E is the 4th one babe in it! I love it!!

This awesomeness saves me both time (in searching for a deal) and money (because a good deal still would have cost "something").

So here is a

BIG THANK YOU TO LEE!!! Love ya!!!

This is just reminder that sometimes the best deal is to just borrow what you need. I was one of the first of my friends and family to have kids, so I never really had the advantage of hand me downs with Q.

However, I think keeping friends and family in the loop on things you may need is one of the best ways to find a great deal. Friends and family are great resources for freebies, hand me downs, borrowing something or even being an extra set of eyes to watch for deal at stores!

What has been your BEST deal scored from friends or family??


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