Cheap Swimmers! CVS 6/29 Run

>> June 29, 2010

I had to get over to CVS today to snag some more Swimmers for Q. We have gone through a lot more than previous summers because of his swim lessons, so I didn't have enough on hand.
I wanted to use the BOGO stay free and M&M sale and coupons to build my order up over $20 with the swimmers, so I could use a $4/20 CVS Q.

2 Stay Free $6.99 BOGO Sale- BOGO MQ= free
2 Huggies Swimmers $7.99 each - $2 MQ- $2 CRT= $3.99 each
2 M&M Pretzels $0.89 each BOGO Sale- BOGO MQ= free
Total $5.72 on a gift card

Not a bad run. The stay free was a lot higher than I thought. I didn't see the actual price of this until I looked at my receipt at home. I just looked for one that was BOGO and grabbed them.

I was pretty happy to snag 2 packages of swimmers for less than the sale price WITH tax. Luckily I also had $ on my CVS gift card to use as well. My coupons are a little disorganized at home right now and I didn't have time to search for my ECBS before we left for the day.


Eve June 29, 2010 at 10:33 PM  

I also got the $2/1 Huggies Swimmers CRT and paired this up with the $1.50/1 @ Uggghh... I forgot about the $2/1 MQ I found it a bit too late LOL!! The Swimmers are Awesome!! they don't bulk up like reg.. diapers OMG!! when we got our LO a pool over a week ago I didn't have the Swimmers and let her go into the pool in her Huggies reg.. diapers that thing just bulked out, it looked so funny :D. Gr8 Job KC now you can take the kids to breakers sporting the swimmers :).

kc June 29, 2010 at 10:51 PM  

Hey Eve,
Did you guys end up going to Breakers? What do you think? I meant to tell you they have a little kid program form like 8-10 am.. I think weekdays only, and only the little kid section is open, but its only for little kids, plus cooler part of day and cheaper. I have considered going then. :-)

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