CVS Baby Deals - 6/3 & 6/4

>> June 04, 2010

So I am not sure if anyone else has snagged any cvs baby deals this week or not, but a fairly substantial baby clearance/reset is happening. An awesome store employee actually gave me a heads up on Saturday, but i never made it in on Sunday. Then I saw other people posting about their finds, and realized I had missed a pretty good sale. We bopped into one of our 'other' stores yesterday and I found a few good deals, although lots of empty spaces too.

Everything i bought was 75% off, one of my self imposed requirements since I wasn't using ECBs. I did have gift card fund to deplete though, in fact I had to use four different gift cards to pay because the first three had under $2 on each one!

These are my finds:
4 cvs size 4 mega packs $3.17 each
2 cvs brand diaper cream jars (huge ones!) $3.24 each
2 similac boxes of formula packets $2.89 each - $5 similac check = $0.39 each!! (thanks Lee!)
Total $21.68 on a gift card!

I chose to buy the mega packs of diapers because it was less than $1 more and almost twice the diapers of the jumbo packs. However , I realize now that the jumbo packs are producing a $2 ECB even if they are on clearance, limit one. So I should have thrown one of those on my order as well... oh well.
The Similac formula packets are a neat idea, but not a very good value. However for $0.39 each, it isn't bad.... a great thing to have for trips or on the fly.
Today's trip...
I went to my fave store, I had a couple expired ECBS that I needed to use and this store accepts them. Of course their baby section was pretty wiped out too.. but I needed to spend the expired ECBs anyway. I did manage to get everything 75% still though!!
Order #1
2 cans organic Similac (75% off) $6.99 - $1 peelies = $5.99 each
- $10 ECB
Total $1.98 on a gift card!
Order #2
1 CVS diaper rash cream tub (75% off) $3.24
1 CVS Electrolyte thingies (75% off) $1.24
- $3.50 ECB
Total $1.03 on a gift card!
I am totally stoked I was able to find some formula with coupons on it. The other stores had cans of formula marked down too but it was special kinds, not regular stuff. Plus another tub of diaper rash cream and some electrolyte things seem like good stuff to have on hand... and I had to use the ECBS anyway!
I do plan on hitting stores again on Sunday, to snag some stuff that is 50% off this week.. and hopefully goes 75% next week!
I am officially out of ECBS, I can't recall the last time that has happened... it's been a long time....


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