A Day Late and $15 Short!!!

>> June 29, 2010

Procrastination can be costly! In my case I have procrastinated on a rebate and a deal run recently and the result was a loss of $15 between the two.

First was the Coors Rebate... I planned on the doing the coors light rebate on the left, receive $15 wyb $30 + snacks, soda, water, etc (and of course beer). The great thing about this rebate.. was I found a good price for the required beer and then dug through my receipts and already had PLENTY of receipts to use for the $30+ in snacks, soda, water, etc. So there really was no additional purchase necessary for me. We had already bought all the stuff and I was going to buy the beer anyway.... $15 bonus money for our trip!! Cha Ching!!

The beer sale was at Albies and I meant to get it over the weekend... I didn't and bought it on a Monday instead. Guess what... the rebate period ended on that Sunday. UGH..

So I found a new rebate for $6 back with a beer purchase, so I CAN still submit that, but that is a LOSS of $9!!! Bummer!

I haven't submitted it yet, I keep hoping a new (& BETTER) rebate will come out with dates that overlap with my beer purchase.

Then on to my Albies Deal from Sunday... Here are my order details:

4 Frescetta Pizzas $3.88 (with store Q)- $1 IP = $2.88 each
7 Flipz $1 each - $0.50 MQ= free
3 Simply Potatoes $1 each - $0.55 MQ= free
1 Albies French Bread $1.50- CRT suvey freebie Q= free
12 Arrowhead Sparking Waters $0.50 each
10 Yoplait yogurts $0.38 each - $0.50 MQ= $1.80 each
1 4-Lb Strawberries container $3.88
5 Marcal Paper Towels $1 - $1 MQ= free
6 cheapie bean and cheese burritos 3 for $1
2 Albies Meat $2.99 each
Sara Lee Bread $2.49
-$13 in CATS
Total $21.94 OOP + Earned (4) $2 Cats (arrowhead)

Ok not a bad run, some nice freebies in there, cheap pizzas, and a some necessities: meat, bread, strawberries and yogurt.

I did however miss out on saving another $6 on this order because I had MQs to make the arrowhead water TOTALLY free, but the coupons had expired the DAY before.

So I couldn't use them. I paid $6 for the water (which we don't drink and will be donated). I still bought them because I knew I was earning $8 in CATs, so it was a still MM (money maker) to buy them. But I was sooo bummed to see I could have saved another $6 off my order and made my water purchase a $8 MM instead of a $2 MM if I had just paid closer attention to the expiration date!!

UGH... It happens to everyone and I am trying not to beat myself up over it, but what a bummer!! Watch those expiration dates!!!

Have you missed out on a great deal because of procrastination lately??


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