For the love of BUZZ... Some Wags adventures tonight!

>> June 18, 2010

I finally got out to run some deals this evening, my first stop??? Walgreens of course!!

I had some troubles OF COURSE... with regards to the RRs printing or not printing... more on that later..

I wanted to snag some money making neutragena soap/chap stick, nivea body wash and hallmark cards. Plus I was thinking about grabbing the Buzz Lightyear pillow doll I saw earlier this week.... I know Q will love it!! I think I am holding it back for a random potty training present!

Store #1,Order #1
3 Neutragena Chapstick $2.99 - $1 MQ= $1.99 each
1 Nivea Bodywash $5.99- $3 MQ= $2.99
2 Reeses $1.59 for both (but was supposed to be $0.44 each.. from the clearance section) UGH
3 Pencil Sharpeners $0.24 each (cheap filler)
-$10 in RR
Total $2.73 on a wags card
Earned $10 RR (neutragena) and $6 RR (Nivea) = $3.27 MM

Store #1, Order #2 (and the trouble starts)
3 Neutragena Chapstick $2.99 - $1 MQ= $1.99
1 Nivea Bodywash $5.99- $3 MQ= $2.99
1 Butterfinger filler $0.39
1 Buzz Light Year Doll $9.99 (UGH, but I am sure it will be worth it)
-12 RR
Total $9.61 on a wag card.
Earned $6 RR (Nivea) ... and that was it....

So I should have also received another $10 RR for the SAME 3 chapsticks for the first order.. and didn't realize it until I was on my way....I do occasionally get flustered at the register, particularly if there is a line building... so I sometimes forget to double check what prints...

Anyway, so "IF" the $10 RR had printed.. then the order would have cost me $5.61 in Wags $, which isn't bad. That includes the $9.99 buzz doll and tax.

However, the RR didn't print and because the chapsticks ARE NOT marked as part of the RR deal at any of my stores, I had to do a return of them.. which resulted in a credit of $9.61 on my gift card.. so factoring that in. My 2nd order had a net cost $6, again not bad for the Buzz Pillow. Besides the fact that I had lots of $2 RR expiring today or tomorrow anyway.

2 Neutragena Soap $2.01 each - $1.50 MQ = $0.51 each
1 Neutragena Soap $2.24- $1.50 MQ= $0.74
Nivea Body Wash $5.99- $3 MQ= $2.99
4 Hallmark Cards $0.49
1 Hallmark Card $0.99
1 Pack of Cars Stickers $1.19 (filler)
- $8 RRs
Total $2.05 on a gift card, earned $6 RR (nivea) and $5 (hallmark).. but NADA for the neutragena deal. UGH!!

So.. now I actually purchase 3 of the neutragena soaps. that have been selling like hot cakes all week. I know that people have been getting RRs for them and they are even TAGGED as part of the deal in the store.

The manager was a bit grumpy about the promotion and just couldn't believe that you could spend less than $10 and still earn $10.. but it was tagged that way and that is what the store ad said. He had no idea how to fix it.. so he did some crazy return thing and handed me $10 cash....

So factoring in the cash back (instead of the RR).. This order was a $10.95 MM! Nice!!

Store #3, Order #1
1 Nivea Bodywash $5.99- $3 MQ= $2.99
4 Hallmark Cards $0.49
1 Hallmark Card $1.99
2 Sara Lee Bread $1.99 each - $0.75 MQ= $1.24 each
1 Butterfinger $0.39 (filler)
1 Pencil Sharpener $0.24 (filler)
- 10 RR
Total $0.78 on a gift card
Earned $6 RR and $5 RR, so a $0.22 MM, plus I was able to get 2 loafs of bread (which we need!) and they include the Toy Story Buzz Light year upcs. And a nice Father's day card for Papa.

Store #3, Order #2
4 Hallmark Card $0.49
1 Hallmart Card $1.99
1 Butterfinger $0.39 (filler)
- $4 RR
Total $0.62 on a gift card, earned $5 RR (hallmark), so a $0.38 MM and another nice Father's day card for another Papa.

Overall the orders resulted in a $8.82 MM and I bought Q the cool Buzz Pillow Doll, 2 loafs of bread, and some nice father's day cards!! Besides.. I had a ton of $2 RR expiring today and tomorrow.. so I had to spend and hopefully roll them as much as possible!

A reader (Hi Beth!!) emailed me tonight (after I got home from my shopping adventures) and let me know that the Neutragena soap deal has been pulled by corporate. That is what her store told her.... I still have a few more $1.50 Qs to use, thanks to some lovely ladies in Phoenix... so if I find the soap (a big "IF") and they are still tagged in store as part of the promo I might try my luck to use the Qs!.. otherwise I maybe done with Wags for the week. And of course since I SHOULD be able to spend the RR at Safeway now.... I may not be back until the next smoking hot deal.


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