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>> June 16, 2010

Just another reminder of what a great freebie resource your local library can be! Of course borrowing books immediately comes to mind when discussing the library, but the Pima County Library has tons of other great resources available as well!

Free Movie Rentals
My favorite option is checking out DVDS! With a baby and a toddler, we don't get to the movies very often, so there are lots of "newer" movies we haven't seen yet.

Plus this is a great way to supplement your kids movie collection. We are just starting to get big into Disney and kid DVDs and while I have managed to snag some deals at Bookmans, borrowing them is another great option. You can borrow most movies for 3 weeks at a time and also renew online!!

So you can see above I checked out District 9, 500 Days of Summer and A Bugs Life... I had been trying to find A Bugs Life at Bookmans to buy, but renting it for 3 weeks will allow Q to watch it a few (million) times and then we can decide if we really want to try and buy it or not!

Reserve Items Online
The Pima County library allows you to reserve items online. You get to choose which branch you will pick it up from (in case the item is actually located at another branch) and then they email you when its ready to be picked up!! If its not checked out, its usually ready in a day or two depending upon if its already at your branch location or has to be transferred for you. Then you just pop in, snag the items from the reserve section and checkout (using self checkout no less)!! I stopped in today and it took me under 2 minutes to walk into the library, grab my movies, check out and head back to the car!!! This is a great option for busy moms!!

We have enjoyed storytime on many occasions, although not in awhile. We started with babytime and then moved up to Toddler storytime. It is a fun and free way to get some social interaction for the kiddos. In fact the Nanini branch is so popular with their toddler time, they have to limit how many people attend, so you definitely don't want to be late if you decide to go!! They definitely turn people away (fire codes I guess)! They also offer preschool and family storytimes. Check out the times and locations HERE!

I have often read about various libraries offering a coupon exchange box, although I have yet to seek this out or experience it at my library. However I do know that most weeks the NW library branches get copies of the Northwest Explorer (I don't if other parts of town get this or not) and most often there are coupon inserts inside. I snagged a couple copies of it today!

Homework Help
Now I haven't actually experienced their homework help, but I have noticed that during the school year, there is an extensive tutoring schedule listed on their website for each branch location. They also have a homework help telephone line available.

What I do have a little experience with is online tutoring, which is also available for free through the library. The Pima County Library (and other libraries around the country) have partnered with to give patrons free access to their online tutors. I actually did some online tutoring for a few years ago when Q was a baby. This is a great freebie, is a great resource but charges parents quite a bit (obviously they have to pay the tutors)!! There is a link on the library Homework Help page to connect to and all you have to enter is your library card number!!

Check out all the Homework Help Resources Here!

Summer Reading Programs
Pima county libraries are also offering some fun summer reading programs, and you can read about it on their website or get the details from Angela over at Tucson Frugal Family Examiner, check out her articles here and here!

There are lots of other things to explore at the Pima County Library, visit their website here!

Also other library systems (Like the Maricopa/Phoenix one) offers Cultural passes. These are basically they are passes you can check out for either free or B1G1 free admission to local museums. I don't think Pima County offers this.. but maybe someday!


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