Frugal Ramblings June 1st

>> June 01, 2010

  1. I have been working hard on prepping some rebates and mail in offers. I was reminded of the $5 sc johnson rebate and P&G $50 coupon booklet ones in the past few days. I was delighted to realize some recent receipts from the past few months will work for these and I hadn't even planned on it. So these are like bonus receipts. I am sending them off for me and my mom/dad. Remember the sc johnson rebate is limit 3 per household but has to be sent in separate envies.

  2. I am also sending out for the $10 debit card (here) from my recent listerine freebie and a $6 bud light one(peelie).

  3. I am still working on the sara lee/buzz light year promo, I am just one upc short for the lunch box. I am hoping to collect a full set times two! If you have any to trade send me an email. (Thanks Kim for the one you sent today!!)

  4. I also need to spend $6.32 to finish off the olay $20/50 offer. I think target will be my best bet at this point. Thanks to MissThrifty for commenting and let me know there were some current $1 Qs to use (I thought the expired 5/2 ones were the only ones out there..)

  5. I worked on rearranging my pantries today to consolidate and make space for our 5 cases of powerade. I am stoked that this will keep peter hydrated all summer. I have a little more work to do..

  6. I am looking forward to the circle k promo starting back up again. I loved the free nanas. I sliced and froze most of it for a yummy, chocolate, frugal, semi healthy, a la Disneyland treat.

  7. I made a major dent in organizing my papers and to do stuff that is constantly spread out in piles on our coffee table. To be truly organized, i need to sort and trash expired qs. I managed to sneak into my office this evening to put away my current stacks of insert Qs and weed out the bad ones using the PYP discard list. I just need to work on my little coupon box (for cut insert qs, tearpads, ips, etc).

  8. My goals for this week:Bookmans run, donation run to goodwill, Target run for fiber one yogurt, cheap eggos (hopefully) and to finish the olay deal and a stop in at my fave CVS store to use some more expired ECBS.....

Ok off to bed... keeping my fingers crossed that E stays asleep all night tonight!!

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