Frys 6/18: Good Freebie/Cheapies

>> June 19, 2010

I ran into Frys to see what freebies or cheapies were in stock for me to snag.

5 Dial Hand Soaps $1 each - $0.35 MQ= free (rumour has it the gold variety may trigger some nice freebie catalinas.. I didn't know about this until after my trip)
4 Gold Fish $1.25- $0.35 IPs= $0.25 each
2 Graham Cracker Goldfish $1.25 - $0.75 IP= $0.25 each
4 Sunny D's $1 each - $0.25 MQ free
3 Chompies 4-ct bagel packs $1 each
Total $4.63 OOP

I ran into the bagel deal, its not a smoking deal but a decent price for us. I was hoping to find the $1 reach toothbrushes, but my store was cleared out. I might try another store tomorrow if we head up to my in-laws. I think there is cheap chicken, sour cream and cottage cheese as well.. that I may go back for if I get a chance....


Amy June 19, 2010 at 5:46 PM  

I purchased the Gold Dial the other day at fry's (for free after coupons) and there was no cat. deal! just an fyi

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