Fun MM trip at Albies $0.42 OOP = $9 CATS

>> June 24, 2010

Wowzers what a great albies trip and no real* issues. I was out running a couple of quick errands and this was my last stop, so I needed to be quick. I decided to just get the freebie/MM for now and go back later for some other good deals. Oh and Albies is doubling/tripling/Quadrupling right now..

Order #1
3 Marcal Paper Towels $1 - $1 MQ= free
3 Butterball Bacon $1 - $0.75 MQ = free
3 Flipz $1- $0.50 MQ= free
6 Arrowhead sparking water $0.50 each - $0.75/2 MQ= free
YUP IT WAS ALL FREE... except the darn tax!
Total $0.21 OOP
Earned 2 $2 CATs (arrowhead) and $1 CAT(butterball)

Order #2.. exact same but I only bought 2 bacons.. (only had 5 MQs), same total and only received 2 $2 CATs (arrowhead).

So it looks like 3 arrowheads = $2 CAT and 3 Butterball = $1 CAT!

So a couple of things to note, first the $0.75 Arrowhead MQs, scanned and said exceeds value. So they must be programmed for one arrowhead and not 2.. so the cash register thinks I am trying to use a $0.75 MQ on a $0.50 item. I explained that and they sort of started at me clueless-ly, before double checking the prices (in case I was lying??) and then forcing them through.. and adding on the doubling amount! So I didn't even have to fight for that!

Bigger thing to note, the store manager wrung me up and he was SOOOO clueless about coupons... when he scanned the arrowhead Q and it gave me the "exceed" message, he looked like a "deer in the headlights" and called up another manager... who then ended up resolving the issue. He was a nice guy, but I seriously don't understand how a store manager has NO CLUE about coupons and possible issues with them. He was surprised and happy with the CATS "wow look at what you got"... So bizarre to me....

Anyway, it was nice to have a positive experience.. I just wish the arrowhead Qs would scan right.. cause I wanted to get more (how can you pass up a MM), it looks good like a slightly flavored water with no calories... However, I hate dealing with overrides at the register. UGH!


SC June 24, 2010 at 11:20 PM  

WOWWWWW WOOT WOOT to 'dat coo-pon QUEEN in Tucson..>I think EVE has a rival........ha ha ha ha ha ha (ssshhhh dont tell her I said that!)


You did GREAT!! I'm envious. I have ZERO water coupons left :( Hmmm shall I order? I may have to....

Flipz are my fave, I can eat a whole bag in a sitting! No joke!

KC, I can't relax..... you should know that by now!

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