NOT Hot Save $30 off $60 at!!

>> June 24, 2010

Bummer they canceled both of my orders, claiming the stuff was out of stock. I am guessing the double promo was overwhelmed with lots of deal seekers... so they aren't fulfilling them???

Here is a pretty hot deal for
Place one order for $30 and save $10 with free shipping on many items. Earn a $10 Account credit, then place another $30 order with the $10 coupon and $10 credit with free shipping...

1st order
-$10 coupon

2nd order
-$10 coupon
-$10 credit

So between the 2 orders, you get $60 for only $30 OOP!

Thanks to SDNYC at Slickdeals!!

Follow these steps!!

1) Order $30 worth of stuff through THIS LINK!!
2) Use coupon code SUNNYDEAL when you check out to save $10 off $30. You can pick free shipping items to save EVEN more $!
3)As soon as you place your order, you will receive an email from walgreens, with your $10 credit in it.
4) Go back and place a 2nd order using the link in the email, and if you add $30 worth of stuff again, you can use $10 credit and also use the same code SUNNYDEAL to save another $10!

Fantastic deal!
My two orders show this...
1st order
Less Promotion Savings:- $10.00
Number of items in this shipment:3
Amount to be charged:$21.25

2nd order
Less Promotion Savings:- $10.00
Number of items in this shipment:2
Amount to be charged:$16.31

This deal is supposed to work through tomorrow, but it is now on the front page of SD, so it could die a quick death!!


Holly Crawford June 27, 2010 at 11:24 AM  

Yes, I tried to and website was down. Ordered yesterday with just $10 promo and it was such a hassle-$10 never showed on my second order and they are supposed to credit my Pay pal account

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