I found the free juice at Safeway!!!

>> June 24, 2010

Success at Safeway! I found the Minute Maid Juice Drinks! $0.99 each - $1 Tearpad Qs.. = free for me.. actually the sale price didn't ring through the register right away.. and luckily I anticipated this, so I threw a tiny bag of trail mix up there too for $0.79... and I paid $0.72 OOP for it.. with the $0.01 overage on each juice drink. Oh yeah the trail mix isn't in the picture... I was hungry and when I stopped at Circle K for my free thirst buster and hot dog, they were all out of hot dogs. So the trail mix was my replacement...

The sale price is good until early August, so there is definitely time to snag these.

On a slightly sad note, I couldn't find any of the JUNE booklets at this store (my yucky store, but one that I can usually find Qs at) nor anymore dairy booklets. I want to snag some $0.50 cream cheese bars this week.. hopefully my fave store still has the Dairy Books when I get back over there. They had some a few days ago.. and I didn't think to snag any, I am keeping my fingers crossed that the "masses" keep ignoring the display!!


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