I want my nose back!!!

>> June 09, 2010

Seriously I was doubled over laughing tonight at Quinn..

He is beyond silly, even more so when he doesn't know it!

Peter "stole" his nose from him and then walked into the kitchen. All of a sudden we hear Quinn FREAKING out, "I want my nose back, I want my nose back!" I hadn't seen the exchange, so I couldn't quite make out what he was yelling about from the living room.

Of course when Peter explained to me what the "issue" was, I chastised him for teasing his child and antagonizing him so late at night.

Do all dads wind up their kids right before bedtime?

Peter tells Quinn to ride his truck into the kitchen and "get his nose back." Quinn comes racing in and Daddy pops his nose back on his face; all is right in the world

And what does Quinn say????

"Thanks Daddy!"
Uh hello? Were you not just upset with him for "taking your nose"?

Seriously ridiculously funny and cute.


Precious June 10, 2010 at 8:41 AM  

Yes, all Dads wind up kids before bedtime. So very cute! I am glad that Quinn is happy now!

Allie Z June 10, 2010 at 4:24 PM  

OMG YES!!! My hubby gets the kids all riled up and then asks why they won't go to sleep! It's a dad thing. I think they enjoy it. :)

My 3rd kiddo, Ben, is 2 years old. Recently hubby had him staying up late to watch baseball together. The other night my hubby says "Gee, I really wish Ben would go to sleep earlier! This is getting ridiculous!"

Um, ya think?! Keeping a kiddo up late (bedtime was 7, games go til around 9!) and then wondering why they're grumping or too wild? That is sooo something a dad would do. :)


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