Mommy Mini Tasks 6/28

>> June 28, 2010

So last week I started a new blog series called Mommy Mini Tasks. I am hoping Mommy Mini Tasks will hold me more accountable each week to getting some extra stuff accomplished. I find it easy to waste away time searching for the latest cool deal online. Who in their right mind does that???

I am a compulsive list maker. I have them everywhere because I am constantly rewriting them. I love crossing things off my list (it feels good!), but some tasks take FOREVER to get done. This list is more public and I will feel silly listing the same task up on the blog week after week, clearly procrastinating.

Ok so here we go. It's week 2 and I crossed off 3 of the 6 items last week, and really I did 4, but I am waiting for a return call from the preschool. I am going to start this week's list with the incomplete tasks from last week and add a few more.

  1. Send out baby announcements for E.
  2. Sort/Org HBA closet and make donation run to the nearby food pantry
  3. Sort/Clean Out shirts in my closet! <--- I have a few new ones to add from my recent Old Navy Run!
  4. Set up an appointment (hopefully for this week) to see another preschool for Quinn <---- Again I am waiting for a call back.. although I might call again.
  5. Finish Shopping & Packing Prep for 4th July Trip

Ok this is a shorter list and couple things aren't HUGE tasks, but it is also a shorter week for me. We hope to leave for our family mountain adventure Thursday evening, which means we will be hustling on Wednesday to get ready. And we still have swim lessons and a dentist appointment on Tuesday for Q!

Anyway, do you find yourself with the same tasks on your to do list all the time. Things you clearly need to do, but easily push off in favor of other things??


Martha June 30, 2010 at 11:35 AM  

Hi KC! I've been following your blog for awhile and really enjoy it! I live in Continental Ranch and love reading about your deal findings so close to me!

Have you looked into Light the Way Preschool? They meet at Desert Son on Cortaro. We ADORE them! They've taken awesome care of our kids. Anyway, just a heads up. Preschool shopping was daunting!

kc June 30, 2010 at 5:49 PM  

Hi Martha!
I love hearimg about super close readers. Your safeway is my 2nd fave one in the area! Plus the hidden wags over by it is nice to find deals because its tucked away hidden from view.

I will put that preschool on my list to check out. The process seems overwhelming with few resources to help younfind them besides word of mouth.

Now if we can just finish potty training.....


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