My Old Navy Score!!! 30% off + 50% off = 65% off!!

>> June 30, 2010

I bought so much stuff that I had to take 2 pictures of it!!

Ok so I mentioned winning a $50 off $100 Old Navy Q last week from Thrifty Canucks! It was perfect timing because they were also doing their 30% off EVERYTHING in store sale! That is 30% all regular and clearance prices!

I ended up returning 2 pairs of pants and a dress from my last trip and received $62.37 back. I ended up buying everything above for $49.79!! So i left with $12.58 in my pocket!

This includes 4 shirts and a hip skirt for Mommy! (not even on clearance, blasphemy I know!)

Plus 6 shirts and a pair of PJs for Q and 2 onsies and a MATCHING pair of PJs for E. Most of the boys stuff was clearanced stuff, although not the swim shirts for Quinn.

15 items for about $3 each + tax! I love my shirts and skirts, it can be easy to find stuff when you aren't hunting on the clearance racks, which is my usual mode of operation.

However it can be hard to come with $100 in stuff all on clearance unless you have tons of time to dig! As it was, I spent a good deal of time in the boys section and hustled through the women's stuff and it still took me an hour!

Plus because of the extra 30% off deal, I actually had to come up with $100 worth of stuff AFTER they took off 30% off! I ended up saving about 65% off the marked prices and that doesn't even factor in the savings I was already getting on the clearance items!!

Or you can look at it this way.. all of my stuff was full price, shirts were $15 times 4 + a skirt $25.. so I spent $85 on me alone! I paid only 1/2 of that and scored all the boys stuff.

I seriously love these Old Navy deals, although I have to admit they spoil me rotten. I have the HARDEST time going in there and buying anything full price, without a coupon!


THRIFTY CANUCKS June 30, 2010 at 6:03 PM  

Fantastic deals and great shopping. So happy you won. I must enter the next one. Not one that I do on my site ,of course. lol

kc June 30, 2010 at 6:17 PM  

Thanks so much again for the Q. It was an awesome prize! I have seen other blogs only give 9 coupons away.... snagging 1 as "compensation" for hosing the Qs. So you could always do that!

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