My Target Deals & A Question...

>> June 26, 2010

So I managed to do one Old Spice Deal this week, an honestly I am not really sure we need more than 6 HUGE bottles of men's body wash anyway. Especially since I am sure I have several bottles still in the stockpile...

I was excited to find some of the $5 Schick Hydro Target Qs in my Phoenix newspaper inserts (bummer that Tucson didn't' get them). This helped create some overage to pay for part of my orders.

It looks like the Baby and Toy clearance is starting to gear up. I saw quite a bit of clearance in both departments (more than normal). So keep that in mind if you are in the market for either type of product. It is always good to cruise by those sections and see what is being marked down!

Speaking of cruising by departments... I found some Toddler Underwear marked down 75% off! Yah! Perfect for potty training... you can never have too many pairs! It was 7 pairs for $2.48!! I only snagged one package because they only had one boys kind, in the right size.

Here are the details.

Order #1
Elmo Toddler Undies $2.48
2 Schick Hydro $6.99- $4 TQ-$5 MQ= $2.01 overage each
6 Old Spice Body Washes $3.99 each - BOGO MQs - $1/2 MQ- $1 TQ (peelies)= 7.97 for all 6

Total $8.38 on a gift card
Earned $10 in gift cards for the Old Spice purchases


Order #2
I bought:
2 Shick Hydro Razors $6.99 each
3 Toy Story Cars $2.99 each (potty training prizes)
2 Act Popcorn $1 each ($ spot)
2 Vanish Toilet Bowl Drop Ins $2.14

I used:
$5 Shick MQ, $4 Schick TQ, $1/2 ACT IP, BOGO Vanish IP

Total $7.51 on a gift card!

I am pretty happy with my 2nd order. I used the overage on the razors towards my other purchases and I ended up with a total $1.50 + tax less than I would have paid for the 3 toy story cars!

Ok now a question for you. I have two different formats above for my transactions. Which one do you like better? I usually post with the 1st format, with the coupons next to the item. However I have seen some other ways to post transactions and was wanting to try out another format where I list the coupons below all of my purchases. What do you think?


Renee Richins June 26, 2010 at 10:09 AM  

Great deals. I saw a lot of things no clearance as well at my Target. It's so fun. Personally I like the first format, so I can see how much things are before coupons and then the coupon amount right next to the item, then the final price, but that's IMO. :)

Becky June 26, 2010 at 10:36 AM  

I need to try and find some of those razors!!
I like the 1st format, then you can see the coupon match up right with the product :)

SC June 26, 2010 at 10:48 AM  

KC, awesome finds! I have not been to Target for a long long time....

I love the first format ;) :) I may have to try Target today, I dont have any deals worked tho.....

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