Potty Training: Day 1 & 2 Results

>> June 16, 2010

So far so good...
Here are some details, thoughts for anyone interested...

Day 1:
Q woke up with a poopy diaper (important to note last time #2 occurs). We brought out the potty and big boy undies and explained to him no more diapers. He seemed very excited by the sticker chart and potty prizes.... We set the timer at 45 minutes and started our day like normal with breakfast and playing. He did well the first few times, but then we had our 1st accident. He seemed shocked by it and backed away from the puddle. Q doesn't like messes, so that was his concern.. to get away from the mess. We had him sit on the potty and he still had quite a bit of pee left. We adjusted the timer to 30 minute intervals, 45 minutes was too long for him, particularly with us encouraging lots of juice drinking.

He was rewarded with a few cars the first day.. as each row filled up, he was given a new potty prize. He never went #2 on day one. We still put him in a pull up for naps and sleeping.

Day 2:
He woke up just wet and we started our day trying on the potty again before putting on our big boy undies and starting the timer. He asked a lot more about potty prizes today. He wanted one each time he went potty, so I had to keep reminding him that he would get one when he filled up the row with stickers. This was pretty easy for him to do though, 1 sticker for a dry diaper and 1 for peeing in the potty. So generally 2 stickers every 30 minutes or so. He had 2 accidents in a row on day 2. I realized he was WAITING for the timer to go off...rather than going potty when he needed to.

My mom soon arrived to help a bit (or keep me sane, not sure which) and she suggested we encourage him to "Beat the time". So he wouldn't wait for it to buzz. That seems to be working well. So the constant ticking of the timer is now more of a reminder to me to keep him on track. We are constantly telling him, "Hurry, beat the timer".

We also changed over to our super cool Toy Story undies, my mom also though that we could encourage him to keep "Buzz" dry. Clearly Buzz doesn't want to be wet and icky!

After lunch we had the sticker chart filled up, but he was so busy playing with grandma that Q didn't ask for any more stickers or even seem to expect it after going potty. So we decided to just "forget" about that part of the process. He did ask for stickers randomly to put on his "house", which is a huge cardboard box he has been playing with.

At the end of the day we gave him a bigger potty prize (he still casually asked about prizes that afternoon) which was a cheap walgreens toy from last December. He actually ended up with both big prizes.. because I brought out the robot, which he said "scared" him. So I told him I would take it back.. and went and grabbed him the police car prize.

Off Topic.. but man... those walgreens toys are SUPER cheap. They were practically free for me.. but seriously I would be SOOO disappointed if I had actually paid much for these. I was pretty disappointed in them. Anyway, in the morning Q decided that he was "ok" with the robot... he pulled it down off the counter and told me not to put batteries in it. (Like that made it less scary????)

Ok so it looks like I rambled a lot up above.. but here are a few key observations for our experience:
  • 30 minutes is a better interval (vs. 45 minutes)
  • Play beat the buzzer, not wait for the buzzer
  • Stickers and prizes do help a lot.
  • Adjust the game plan as you go


Allie Z June 16, 2010 at 2:33 PM  

I love this! Ben is 2 (1/10/08) and we're just embarking on the potty training journey. It's not easy! I work full time outside the home. They're working with him at day care. I'm off Friday - Sunday so I'm thinking I'll try the same process you've got, starting Friday morning. I don't have anything to lose! :)

So far, we have had great results before bedtime but not in the morning.

Do you have any trouble making sure he sits correctly on the potty chair? Sometimes Ben sits too close and "hangs off". It's frustrating!! I've potty trained 2 daugthers, but this son thing is TOTALLY different. :)


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