Silly Me and a Great Deal @ Wags!

>> June 20, 2010


I had to run to a couple Walgreens to pick up our Father's Day Collages (what a deal!!) and so I decided to check out the deal that WildforWags posted about assuming you can find the trial size Gillette Body Wash for $0.99...

1st store (had the trial size)
4 Gillette trial size body wash $0.99 each - $4/2 MQ = $0.04 overage
1 Gillete Body Wash $4.49- $4/2= $0.49
Total $1.05 OOP
Earned $4.49 RR!!

Basically it works because the MQ doesn't exclude trial sizes.

So you can buy 1 regular body wash for $4.49 (that qualifies for the $4.49 RR this week) + 1 trial size for $0.99 (if you can find them) and then use the $4/2 Gillete Body Wash Q (5/2 P&G).. Basically then you would pay $1.48 + tax and then earn the $4.49 RR


A better deal is what I did above... buy 4 trial size body washes for $0.99 each and 1 regular one for $4.49 and then use TWO $4 MQs and only pay $0.45 + tax and earn the $4.49.

Silly Me....

The 2nd store didn't have the travel size but I did notice the Gillette shampoo on clearance and since some of the body wash is body + hair. I was thinking maybe JUST maybe it would also trigger the RR.

2 Gillette shampoo $2.99 on clearance - $4/2 MQ
+ 1 king size snickers $1.69 (filler and given to a papa with his father's day gift)...
- $2 RR (expired yesterday)
Total $2.09 OOP

I didn't earn the RR. However, since they let me use the $2 RR that had expired.. I paid only tax for the shampoos.. so no real loss. I "took" one for the team to try it out... sometimes clearance items work for RR deals and sometimes they don't... anyway I am pretty happy that I took a chance and also that I was able to use my $2 RR and not let it "go to waste".

Moral of the story... the travel Gillette Body washes work with the MQ and make the Body Wash RR deal a great MM!!!

Thanks again WildForWags!!


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