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>> June 01, 2010

Serious Warning! LONG, Rambling post about my Target experience last night.. read at your own risk!

So my Target adventure last night went fairly well. I went to take advantage of the Olay $5 GC (wyb 2 products) promo + coupons that were expiring last night. Plus I am working on the Spend $50, get $20 Olay Rebate...

Of course I had calculated out my plan super tight... using mostly the $2.99 toners + a few of the $3.69 face wash. The store had plenty in stock, but unfortunately the cashiers working were EXTREMELY limited... basically 1 that I knew would not be sure about my coupons since they would beep. UGH I hate coupons that beep. Anyway.. the cashier also questioned whether I could buy so many and if I should get a gift card for each pair.. etc, etc.

She called over a customer service person... and the CS said "It depends on how the coupons are worded"... so I thought I was in the clear, but first she says "you can only use one coupon on all of them", the dreaded one per purchase misunderstanding.. SERIOUSLY!!!

We got past that..they decided to try and see if the register would "LET" me use more than one Q... which of course it wouldn't let me use any since they BEEP. Of course they beep for the facial wash too.. which to them meant, I was not buying the right product. I literally had to have the one pictured... Double UGH!

At this point.. with one lane open and no resolution in sight.. they move me up to customer service. Which was fine with me because I hate holding up a line and I wasn't ready to give up on my deal yet. The coupons were expiring so I couldn't come back and try again.

Same arguments, one per purchase and wrong item issues are discussed with a 2nd customer service person. I thought I was in the free in clear when the 2nd CS immediately agreed that "one per purchase" meant one per item.... unfortunately that was the end of our agreement...they decided the face wash was ok, but not the toner... not that the coupons "worked" for either....

I tried then to see if I could just buy the stuff and come back with my Qs the next day (when they were expired) and hope that I could print something off the olay website indicating that the toner was ok.... but they vetoed that and instead called the head supervisor/manager on duty and decided he would make the call....

He didn't think coming back with my Qs and "proof" would matter... they still wouldn't accept them because "they" didn't think toner was a cleanser. So I decided to cut my losses.. it was 8:30 at night and just change my order.. I went back and snagged a total of 11 face washes and 1 toner. (Someone else had gone through and snagged all the rest of the face washes earlier in the day).

Of course since I had to change my plan on the fly, I didn't buy enough for the $50 Olay Rebate and will have to snag another couple to make that work. However I still ended up with a slight profit even before the rebate...

Here is how my olay deal looked
11 face washes $3.69 - (7) $2 MQs and (4) $1 MQ = $22.59
1 toner $2.99 (no Q since "it wasn't a facial cleansing product....")
+ tax ($1.10)
Total $26.68 on a gift card, but earned $30 in gift cards ($5 for every 2 olay products!)
So a true $3.32 MM even with tax!

Plus I have $43.58 toward the $50 rebate.. so only $6.42 left to spend. I may end up just picking up 2 more olay things this week at Target with their GC promo, since the Qs just expired and we may not get new ones before the Olay rebate ends

Unless you guys have a better idea!

Another important thing to note for us in AZ... I didn't realize this before but the gift card promos help out our tax situation. We do pay tax on pre MQ prices.. but the gift card promo is a store promo so it helps reduce our tax situation.

For example, I spent $43.58 on Olay products before MQs, which is the amount I would normally pay tax on.. but because I also received $30 in store gift card, my taxable amount was reduce by $30... So I only paid tax on $13.58! That is a definite bonus!!

Other items I bought
2 Mossimo Swim Suite pieces (75% off) $4.98 each
1 Merona Sunglasses $14.99 - 20% Q (from Real Simple Mag) = $11.99
1 C9 boys shirt $1.48 - $2.50 C9 hang tag Q= free (this is a TQ that auto adjusts down!)
1 C9 boys pants $2.48 - $2.50 C9 hang tag Q = free

So overall a good experience, not as perfect as I wanted. But it worked out ok in the end. I do want to point out that while the cashiers were completely mis-informed about how Qs work, they were polite and pleasant.

Funny story about the 1st CS, who claimed one per purchase meant one TOTAL! She also stated that there registers KNOW when you buy the right product, so the Qs were beeping because I wasn't buying the item pictured. UGH! I tried to explain that the Q would likely beep on ALL olay products including the one pictured. She also wanted to find a product names "facial cleanser" or "facial moisturizer" even though I tried to explain those were generic terms for various olay products...And she also thought that should could add the $5 GC store promo to the same GC each time. Of course we know the register (for whatever reason) doesn't allow you to do that. (So I ended up with 6 $5 GC). So she didn't have quite as much experience as she thought..


Renee Richins June 1, 2010 at 12:35 PM  

Sorry to hear about all the trouble. I had major issues with the Olay yesterday as well. I bought 8 soaps for 97 cents, 2 of the cleansers, and 2 facial wipes. I didn't think there would be any issues, but I guess the $2 coupons attached to the 97 cents soaps and this store now automatically adjusts each coupon down. Then some of the $1.00 coupons were beeping even though they had the wording that it could be used on soap. It seriously took half an hour at the register and customer service to get this worked out. The GSTL kept saying it was because I was getting a gift card and so the coupon was exceeding the cost after the gift card, which is absolutely wrong. Anyway, after half an hour I got everything worked out and got any money owed to me from the missed coupons. I took in all my recalled Tylenol and Motrin and got a $50 gift card, so the trip was worth it. :)

Miss Thrifty June 1, 2010 at 1:39 PM  

Is the $5.00 giftcard deal over????

The Olay coupons are good till 6/30/10

I also had tons of problems... and ended up walking out

kc June 1, 2010 at 3:12 PM  

Hi Renee,
I can't believe the $2 coupons attached to the cheapie soap but wont attach to a face wash. Crazy.

Glad you got it worked out... I am fairly happy with my outcome, I was hoping to about break even + or - a little bit and submit for the $20 olay rebate. Looks like I will manage it!

kc June 1, 2010 at 3:13 PM  

Hi Miss Thrifty,

My Qs were from the 5/2 P&G and they expired yesterday.. I will have to go see what else is still good from my Q stash. That might help me finish off the last little bit for the $20 rebate.

Sorry it didn't work for you. But since you are using other Qs.. you can try another store later this week! Good luck!

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