Target: Vanish, Nutrigrain and Smuckers Deals!

>> June 17, 2010

Luckily I stopped into the library before hitting Target, I was short Eggo MQs but the Northwest Explorer had the redplum inserts for next Sunday... which has eggo MQs in it!!

4 Eggo Waffles - $1 TQ- $1/2 MQs= $0.25 each
2 Vanish Toilet Bowl Drop Ins- BOGO TQ- BOGO MQ= free!

Thanks to the lovely ladies who sent me extra Eggo Target Qs!! Quinn appreciates it!!

I had to go back and pick up a RX that wasn't ready on my 1st trip to Target... lucky for me because I spotted lots of clearance food on endcaps. I was stoked to find the Smuckers Low Sugar Rasberry Preserves.. and I knew I had MQs at home to make the deal sweeter....

3 Smuckers Preserves $1.62 each and (1) Sugar free grape $1.12.- $1/2 MQs= $1.12 and $0.62 each
2 Smuckers apple ice cream topping $0.94 each - $1/2= $0.44 each
1 market pantry cocoa puffs $1.14

More Potty Training Aids...
1 3-pack of Toy Story Undies $4.99 (UGH SO EXPENSIVE, but BUZZ is a huge motivator!!)
1 Woody Toy Story 3 Matchbox Car $2.99 (he will love this)!
2 sheets Cars stickers $1 each


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