UGH $0.99 diapers instead of $1.01 in overage!!!!

>> June 22, 2010

Seriously... I had a good run.. but just now analyzing my receipt.. I realized that I am an idiot and totally spaced the diapers ad coupon! UGH!!!!

Here is my order
Huggies Diapers $9.99 (should have been $7.99 with ad Q) - (2) $3 eQs - $3 IP = $0.99 (seriously overage on diapers would have been awesome)!
10 packs dentyne gum $1 each - $1 MQ= free
1 Philadelphia Cream Cheese $1.99 - free mQ= free
6 pints blueberries $0.99 each
10 bags lucerne cheese $1.49 each - $0.55 IPs= $0.49 each
Snapple 6-pack $6.39 (will submit for a rebate)
2 3-musketeers $0.89 each - $0.25 MQ= free
10 mini lucerne cream cheeses $0.49 each - $1/2 Safeway Qs (dairy booklet) = $0.01 overage each
bananas $0.35
-$2 OYNO Q
-$10 Walgreens RR
Total $7.18 on a gift card

Ok.. so 1st thing I seriously still can't believe I forgot the ad Q for the diapers. Ugh. And I don't even have an ad at home to save and take back in for a refund. I doubt they will still have an ad when I get back over there.

2nd I thought there might be some crazy eQ for the snapple, but nothing came off. However there is a try me free rebate offer, so I will send my receipt in for a refund of $6.39.

After my order was totalled I asked about using the Walgreens RR. And the cashier said they do take other store's MQs. Walgreens RRs are MQs.. so she had no problem letting me use it!


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