Walgreens 4, KC 0, UGH!!!

>> June 14, 2010


Ok I have tried 4 different Wags in the past 2 days and have been 0-4 for the neutragena soap deal. Both Kim and Sheryl kindly sent me a few $1.50 Qs from the safeway booklet.. (THANKS GUYS!!!) making it great MM deal this week. However, no one has any in stock!! I will NOT give up!!

I am hoping to try one or two of my "secret" wags later this week... Hopefully I have better luck. Or perhaps my regular stores will restock!!

Also some people have reported finding a travel size neutragena face wash at $0.99 each and they are also triggering the $10 RR!! So keep an eye for those tiny little bottles!!


Arizona Savings June 15, 2010 at 7:58 AM  

Get a raincheck for the 20% off price. The RR prints through 6/30, so you have plenty of time to find them. That's what I'm doing because each store I've been to looks like a bomb has gone off in the Netrogena section.

kc June 16, 2010 at 8:41 AM  

Thanks Kim,
I totally spaced doing rainchecks.. normally it doesn't help with RR deals since they are usually by the time the product is back in stock. But you are so right... I have all month to try and catch them in stock! I will try and snag a couple rainchecks this week!! Thanks for the reminder!!

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