Walgreens Again 6/19

>> June 19, 2010

After doing some research last night online.. one of the theories is that if you spent $10+ on neutragena then it should work even if you bought the soap. Sometimes that is how Walgreens RR deals work... buy $X worth of a product line and then you earn a RR. So it made sense that they switched the deal to one like that... who knows... anyway.. so this is what I did...

Neutragena Pure and Free Baby Sunscreen $8.99 (sale price) - $2 MQ
2 Neutragena Soap $2.01 (sale price)- $1.50 = $0.51 each
1 cracker jack box (filler, cashier suggested item.. keeps them happy!) $0.50
- $6 RR
Total $3.69 OOP

AND... Drum Roll please.... the $10 RR printed fine.. so either the soap is TOTALLY working today or there is some minimum purchase requirement now.. who knows.

Anyway, I am pretty happy with this transaction. Technically.. it was a $0.31 MM and the sunscreen is really good stuff for the boys!


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