Walgreens: Alternate Neutragena Deal

>> June 17, 2010

So luckily... Kim at ArizonaSavings reminded me that I should be snagging rain checks for the cheap Neutragena soap.. $2.01 and $2.24 each. Since the $10 RR is a monthly deal, the rain checks will be money makers through the end of the month! However, I do have quite a few $2 RR from the Ecotrin deal a few weeks ago and they are expiring in the next few days. Luckily the Neutragena chap stick (spf 15) also works for the deal, even if they aren't marked that way in the store. These are 2.99 each, so with tax it is a VERY tiny MM, however, at least my RR is rolled with 2 more weeks to use it!

(3) Neutragena chap stick $2.99
- (3) $2 RRs

Total $3.61 on a gift card, & earned $10 RR


Andrea June 18, 2010 at 8:21 PM  

Where in the store did you find the neutragena chapstick? I've been to 4 stores this week... no luck.

kc June 18, 2010 at 8:51 PM  

Hi Andrea,

I found them on the top shelf, at the end of all the other neutragena stuff. And it wasn't tagged as part of the RR deal. If you catch my shopping trip post later tonight.. you will see I received the RR for one set of 3 chapsticks.. but not the 2nd set.. so I am not sure what happened. Anyway, hth!!


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