Winner Winner Turkey Dinner!

>> June 28, 2010

So I had some fun, exciting news to share from last week. I won 2 (TWO) blog contests last week! I expect one more win... because good things happen in threes. right???

Anyway, here is what I won:

  1. (5) $2 Pampers Wipes Qs from WildforWags! Thanks Christie!!! If you don't need baby wipes, then you may not be excited by this win... but this is a hot Q! Basically worth a free package of wipes!!
  2. I also won a $50 off $100 Old Navy Q from Thrifty Canucks! Thanks guys!! I already used it... Hopefully I will share my score with you guys some time today! I really made out with their current 30% off EVERYTHING in the store sale + the "50%" off Q!
  3. ???

Ok who wants to make me a winner TIMES three? I only need one more!!


Speaking of winning.. don't forget my 18X24 Wall Graphic Giveaway ends tomorrow!! These are fun for decorating! If you have a great picture you would love up on the wall. This is a huge peel and stick poster that you can reposition! Check out this link for more information about it!


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